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Railjack: Avionics are a buggy mess

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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  •  Just bringing up the screen can cause random avionics to get uninstalled.  Or changing one mod in "battle" can randomly remove some mods from "Integrated"
  • just bringing up the screen can cause random avionics to become invisible - they're installed, but you cant see them, and cant interact with them
  • The descriptions are bugged - I had two void cloaks - one maxed, the other untouched - they both gave the same stats of a maxed mod. 
  •  upgraded avionic slots may or may not actually upgrade the mod once in battle
  • The "Drain" sort sorts ascending rather than descending like a regular WF mod window
  • It lets you sell installed avionics with no warning
  • You can't tell at a glance if an installed mod can be further upgraded
  • You can't tell different houses easily the way you could with a standard bronze/silver/gold scheme to see if one is better than the other. or rarer. or if two mods with the exact same description and picture are actually different.
  • You can't tell once you click on a grid square to change a mod, which one is already installed in that slot  (ie like you could with a WF mod screen where it is slightly greyed out)-or installed in some other slot already.



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