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Moderator positions open for WEC discord


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Greetings, Tenno! 
I am the owner of the Warframe endgame community discord. 
As the name eludes to, rather strongly, we're a server based around endgame and competitive content. If this is something you're interested in, by any means keep reading.

Here at WEC we currently have moderation positions open for Nintendo Switch and PS4 as those are the least represented platforms on the server. 
We are looking for players that would be able to actively monitor the server, as well as actively chat with other staff and members.

Contact Info:
For those who wish to contact me about positions or the server as a whole:
Discord Username:GameGhost123#3535
Xbox Gamertag: GameGhost123

If you don't necessarily want to become part of the staff, but are still interested in the server as a whole, here's an invite to WEC:

See you beyond the sorties, Tenno!

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