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bugs this update


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i got a few bugs id like to mention that need fixing

1. missions that have no players readily available so it makes you wait for nobody and then you would press x to stat the mission instead it just throws u out and you have to select the mission all over again.

2. since we got second colors for our warframes and item we are still unable with the d pad to select it. instead it glosses over the first color square that it should go to but instead it just goes to the second one.

3. pets disappear on log in or once u come back froom a mission and cannot be modded or changed until they load in which they never  do/

4. pets not teleporting with you when you use  the omni tool in railjack

5. melee weapons getting stuck on character after boarding any ship

will keep updating this as i go along

6.kuva liches that grab you will always take youre health down to one and then when thrown youll be instantly downed or dead.

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forgot a bug
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