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Finished railjack mission vote


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I getting so fed up with other players going to navagation to start other missions or going back to dry dock when i am trying to loot for the next mission.

I like to see a voting system where we get to choose weather to stay and loot or to go on to the next mission

Its no fun getting pulled back to the railjack with not eoungh loot to rearm or fix the railjack before the next run to a mission. I mean whats the point of getting pushed into another misision with only a samll amount of ammo and repair. 

I am not the only one i spoken to on this matter it mainly happens when i have to do the missions when running with randoms. As not all my friends/clan are on the same time as me.

I so hope that this get put into place if player would like to leave after the mission is done with out going back to dry dock let them leave with the loot they have with out going back to dry dock.



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