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Various Railjack related bugs (operator/amp arcanes and more)


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As stated in title, all following content refers to railjack, and instances within railjack. Just a few things i've noticed, can't replicate but has happened repeatedly.

1. Since changing my amp arcane to Virtuous Trojan for viral damage, vomvalysts on sentient anomaly ships cannot be damaged by the amp in their "de-shelled" form. They are effectively immortal.

2. Operator arcane "Magus Lockdown" has been a godsend in sentient anomaly ship missions. Riiight up until it decides to stop working. Some missions it works, others it does not. Can't replicate, however leaving dojo and coming back fixes this, at least at face value. This is also time consuming, especially when farming something that already takes far too long when questioning things like vidar reactors on a 2% drop chance. 

3. Sometimes when i forge payload in the dry dock (dome charges, flux energy, munitions, revolite) it fails to carry over into the next mission i do. I then have to kill things, pick up new resources, and forge at the start of a mission, anything i can scrap together.

4. Tether avionic doesn't seem to function correctly. I can fire it at a group of many more than 10 enemies, and it will only grab maybe 3? 4? Highly doubt this is working as intended.

5. Speaking of broken avionics, Void Cloak doesn't function correctly either. After first use (at max rank in a maxed grid slot, as good as it can possibly be) It doesn't give 53 seconds of cloak. It gives barely the 20 seconds of the base mod, and every time i use any other avionic in the fight, crew members report that their entire screens flashes and stays red as though i was spamming void cloak on and off.
6. Speaking of timers not acting right, It seems that tactical intrinsics have no effect on cooldown timers for avionics, nor on flux energy cost for avionics. I have these intrinsics and yet i see no change in the costs or timers mentioned.

7. Crewships, The BFG (forward artillery), and you. You are probably already aware that rhino roar buffs the BFG. This shouldn't be necessary, especially when hitting a crewship engine can smash it for nearly half a million damage, but what? The crewship didn't die? not even half health? Is *-needing-* to hit the centre mass of the crewships intended, because if so, it's causing some confusion as to why the numbers are SO MUCH LARGER when hitting the engine.

8. Ui bugs; forward artillery and munitions count. Mark III munitions have 20 in the storage. When piloting it says capacity of 21. Also true for Forward artillery/BFG, says it has 5 but can only ever make 20 and 4 respectively.

There's obviously more, much more, but these are things i haven't personally seen on reddit or other threads when looking for answers. Anyone with input, i welcome it. If there is a more appropriate place for this to be, point me there or if you are able to, move this stuff! :) Thank you for reading.


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