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Railjack hounds, heist run, space whales, tentacles


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Some ideas I kicked around on my clan's Discord"

  • There should be a tactical avionic "Release the Hounds" that deploys a pack of kubrows inside our ship to take out boarders.  Or even more savage...a pack of those invisible kavats we see in the Orokin ruins sometimes.
  • Space-heist runs., with a Corpus space-train full of credits, and our railjack matching speed, so we can slingshot in to steal credits.
  • Space-whales, that grineer shackled, that we break out & free
  • Random spawn on railjack maps: Infested tentacle -asteroids D:
  • The combo. mission: cause a stampede of freed space-whales to stall a space-train so we can steal anti-tentacle-sauce.

Ofc for the heist mission, Shawzins playin like banjos in the background.  See e.g.:



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