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Railjack Weapons' Bonus Damage - double-dipping?


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OK, so about those damage bonuses on weapons. I was inspired by x3lp's video in which he showed UI seemingly showing some random damage numbers, to first leave a comment on that under his video and now to make this post. But before that I would like to ask everyone who has built RJ weapons which have +damage as their bonus stat (especially Vidar Carcinnox MKIII, after that any weapons with two elementals) to reply with the following: their weapon's name, house, tier and bonus damage %, damage shown in the bottom-right corner of the UI. Please unequip any Avionics that modify weapon damage (Hyperstrike, Winged Storm or any other that I do not know of) before writing down the damage shown in the UI.

You might have already seen that damage listed on some built Railjack weapons (the ones with +damage as their bonus) doesn't always seem to add-up to values on would expect after doing some basic calculations. I tried to make sense of all this mess and I've noticed two things, although it's based only on x3lp's and my Vidar Carcinnoxes, that's why I need more data, to confirm my findings. Here's what I've come up with:

1) the bonus damage shown is rounded up, while the actual bonus is not (ex.: actual bonus might be 26.45%, which will be used for the purpose of damage calculation, but it'll be shown as +26.5% in your equipment (data based on two of my Vidar Cryophons - they have high enough base damage, to make it possible to reveal which bonuses are close to their rounded-up displayed value and which are not)

2) weapons with 2 types of elemental damage double-dip from in the bonus damage, albeit in a specific way - the actual (not the shown) % bonus is bonus calculated based on total damage (for Vidar Carcinnox MKIII total damage is 148/shot) and then applied to BOTH elementals

For my Vidar Carcinnox MKIII, which has +26.5% shown damage bonus (I do not know the actual bonus, so I have to work off of what I have), the bonus gets applied as follows: 148*(1 + 0.265)=39.22 which is ~39. And what do you know, both elementals get a 39 damage increase, to 76 Plasma and 150 Chem.

Now for x3lp's weapons, you'll notice that the values based on shown bonus are roughly the same as the ones that get show, but not exactly the same. For his weapon it goes: 148*(1 + 0.273)=40.44 so ~40. His Plasma is then 77.1 (+40.1 from base) and Chem is 150.9 (+39.9 from base).

If we had any way of knowing what the ACTUAL and not SHOWN bonus is, we could probably calculate the bonus damage spot-on. There's also bad news - since the double elemental weapons seem to double-dip (haven't done any actual damage tests, so this might just be the UI being trippy), they might be "fixed" in the future, making them even less viable, than they already are (best weapon is Vidar Cryophon, which only has 1 elemental, despite not getting more damage from the bonuses, than it should).

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clarification, that the requested stats should be unmodified by any external sources
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1 minute ago, Skaleek said:

Are you factoring any other bonuses like winged storm, hyperstrike, etc?

Neither of us (x3lp or me) had any weapon damage bonuses on our Railjacks at the time of testing, which was confirmed by equipping a sigma-series weapon or any other weapon that does not have a damage bonus as it's bonus stat (Zekti Cryophon for example)

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