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Suggestion for Warframe Role Upgrading.


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Note: All Suggested Warframe Role Balancing will be subject to change according with other Tenno constructive suggestions.

Currently I have been working on improving Nekros' Abilities.

My favorite Warframe currently is Nekros Prime.


To reach Warframe Role Balancing from low tier to middle tier to high tier to exalted tier.

Things that need work on:

Warframe Abilities.

Synergy between Warframe Abilities.


Synergy between Warframes.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Warframes share passives together.

Augment Mods.

Strength, Efficiency, Range and Duration Mods.

Adding Exalted Arsenal Slots to all Warframes.

All Exalted Arsenal Slots receive +10 Mod Capacity due to their Stance Mod.

Umbra Prime Warframes: I will be making a thread on this later.

And anything else that needs to be addressed.

This is my opinion on countering Enemy Scaling problems in certain areas of the game.

Nekros Upgrading

Abilities of Nekros at maximum Rank (30):


Nekros receives 1 Health per enemy he hits.

Synergy: Nekros' Passive increases by 20% per Gathered Soul.

Soul Punch:


Range: 50m.
Energy: 25.
Damage: 500 Toxin + 500 Impact (Boosted by 20% per Gathered Soul). 

Punch Through: 10.0 (Boosted by 20% per Gathered Soul).
Critical Chance: 10% (Boosted by 20% per Gathered Soul).
Critical Damage: 2.0x (Boosted by 20% per Gathered Soul).
Status Chance: 10% (Boosted by 20% per Gathered Soul)


Enemy targets become Lifted and are slowly pushed 0.5m/sec. for 5 seconds

If a Damaged Target from Soul Punch is Slain, they will erupt and deal 50% of Soul Punch's Damage to all Enemies within 5m and cause them to suffer the Knockdown Status Proc.

Whenever an Enemy Dies from Soul Punch, Nekros regenerates 5 Energy.

Synergy: If Nekros has Desecrate active, then all enemies slain by Soul Punch are affected by Desecrate.

Soul Survivor Augment Mod causes Soul Punch to revive allies within 5m of any affected enemy targets, restoring the revived Allies to 30% Health and draining an additional 25 Energy if at least one Ally was Revived.



Range: 15m.
Energy: 75.
Duration: 25 seconds.
Enemy Armor Reduction: 20%.
Max. Targets: 20.

Enemies flee from Nekros' presence.

Synergy: If Nekros has Desecrate active when enemies are within its aura, they suffer the Paralyzed Status Effect for 1 second.

The Paralyzed Status Effect's Duration is extended by 20% per Gathered Soul. 

Creeping Terrify Augment Mod: Terrify will also reduce enemy Sprint Speed by 20%, Enemy Attack Speed/Fire Rate by 20% and enemy Accuracy by 20%. 


Range: 25m.
Energy: 10 per corpse.
Drop Table Chance: 54%
Duration: Toggled.
Gathers Souls of slain Enemies within Range.

Nekros will begin a Mission with an amount of Gathered Souls equal to the total Drain of Exalted Shadows of the Dead.

Synergy: Desecrate causes Nekros' Passive to affect himself, all Allies, Companions and Shadows within Desecrates Aura.

Desecrate will also show the Total of Gathered Souls.

Gathered Souls are consumed when there is insufficient Energy or Health when using an Ability at a 1:1 Ratio.

Despoil Augment Mod: Desecrate's Cost changes from 10 Energy Cost per corpse to 10 Health Cost per corpse.

Shadows of the Dead: Summoned/Active Shadows will not block attacks from Nekros and all of his Allies, Companions and Shadows.

Initial Cast:

Shadows are exempt from Enemy Scaling and instead will benefit from Nekros' Gathered Souls from Desecrate.

Requirements: 1 Gathered Soul per Shadow.
Range: 50m.

If a Shadow strays beyond Range, it will move itself toward Nekros’ Position to stay within 50m.

Energy: 100.
Summoned Shadows Maximum: 7

Damage Boost: 2.5x.

Shadows receive +20% to their Damage per Gathered Soul.

Health: 2.0x.

Shadows receive +20% to their Health per Gathered Soul.

Shields: 2.0x.

Shadows receive +20% to their Shields per Gathered Soul.

Armor: 2.0x.

Shadows receive +20% to their Armor per Gathered Soul.

High Priority Threat.

Health Deterioration: 3% per 1.0 second.

Shadows Health Deterioration per second slows by 20% per Gathered Soul.

Synergy: Once a Summoned Shadow Dies or has been Recalled, it will be affected by Desecrate as if it were a slain enemy.


Requirements: 1 Gathered Soul per Summoned or Re-summoned Shadow.

Energy: 50 + 5 per Regenerated, Summoned or Re-summoned Shadow.
Recalls Summoned Shadows to within 15m of Nekros’ position.
Regenerates all Shadows’ Health Bars to Full.

Summons Shadows that are not deployed.

Re-summons Shadows that either have been Slain or Deteriorated.

Exalted Arsenal Slot: Shadows of the Dead.

Shield of Shadows Augment Mod is changed from being a Nekros Warframe Augment Mod to an Exalted Shadows of the Dead Augment Mod.

Shield of Shadows will instead grant Nekros +15 Armor per Slotted Shadow.

Synergy: +20% Armor per Gathered Soul.

Only Fully Scanned Codex Entries can be selected.

Shadows must be equipped before going on a mission or else it will use slain enemies instead.

Equipped Shadows receive their own Arsenal, allowing Nekros to further customize them.

Shadows are given a Priority Order before entering a Mission from Left to Right.

Shadows cannot be Warframes, Mini-Bosses or Bosses.

Arsenals are coming soon.

There are 8 Shadows of the Dead Slots that can be filled with Codex Entries and the Shield of Shadows Augment Mod.

All Drain Costs are subject to change.

Basic Entries will cost 2 Drain.

Specialist/Elite Entries will cost 4 Drain.

Elite Specialist/Eximus Entries will cost 8 Drain.

Eximus Specialist Entries will cost 16 Drain.

All Entries will have a matching polarity to their Role Designation (Or Faction, if you think that would be easier.).

Rank 30 Nekros or Nekros Prime will receive 30 (60 with Orokin Reactor) Mod Capacity (+10 with Exalted Stance).

There is one Ability Stance Slot which is filled with Army of Shadows.

Army of Shadows: Activate by holding Shadows of the Dead Ability and then issuing an Order to his Shadows.

Shadows of the Dead Rank 0: Dark Defense.

When Ordered, Shadows will maintain a protective sphere around their Master that can range between 5m and 20m.

Synergy (Shield of Shadows):  Nekros' Passive receives +5% Status Resistance per Slotted Shadow.

Synergy: Status Resistance Bonus is increased by +20% per Gathered Soul.

Shadows of the Dead Rank 1: Vile Focus.

When Ordered, Shadows will target an Enemy which their Master Selected through the Aim mechanic.

Synergy (Shield of Shadows): Nekros' Passive receives +5 Accuracy per Active Shadow.

Synergy: Accuracy Bonus is increased by +20% per Gathered Soul.

Shadows of the Dead Rank 2: Ruinous Rampage.

When Ordered, Shadows will attack the closest Enemies to Nekros.

Synergy (Shield of Shadows): Nekros' Passive receives +2.5% Sprint Speed, +2.5% Attack Speed/Fire Rate per Slotted Shadow.

Synergy: Sprint Speed and Attack Speed/Fire Rate Bonuses are increased by +20% per Gathered Soul.

Shadows of the Dead Rank 3: Death's Command.

When Ordered, Shadows will form a protective barrier between Nekros and his enemies.

They will stay within 15m of Nekros.

Synergy (Shield of Shadows): Nekros' Passive receives +1 Armor, +1% Status Resistance, +1 Accuracy, +1% Sprint Speed and +1% Attack Speed/Fire Rate per Slotted Shadow.

Synergy: These Bonuses are increased by +20% per Gathered Soul.

I believe that all Warframes should receive their own Exalted Arsenal Slot and that all Exalted Arsenal Slots receive +10 Mod Points to their Mod Point Capacity.

Let me know what you think of these Suggestion.

If you have any constructive suggestions on how to improve the roles of other Warframes and what I posted for Nekros, I would really appreciate it.

If you think what I have added or changed should become Augment Mods instead, then I would like to have my fellow Tenno' feedback.

I will also be doing New/Alternative/Modified Augment Mods for all Warframes.


Excalibur Upgrading


This is my first attempt at Balancing Excalibur.

Constructive Feedback from fellow Tenno wanted!

Still need to review Augment Mods (coming soon).

Excalibur's Abilities at Max. Rank:


Excalibur increases all Melee Weapon Damage, Attack Speed and Range by 10%.

Slash Dash:

Energy: 25

Range: 12

Duration: Instant

Damage: 175 Slash + 37.5 Impact + 37.5 Puncture.

Synergy: Slash Dash will use Exalted Blade and its special features and mods when it is unlocked.

Special Features:

Immunity to all Damage while Slash Dash is active.

Synergy: This is affected by Excalibur's Passive.

If an enemy was damaged during Slash Dash, Excalibur regenerates 5 health plus 1 per second that Exalted Blade was active.

This extends to all allies within Radial Blind's Range if used within 10 seconds after using Slash Dash.

Radial Blind:

Energy: 50

Range: 25

Duration: 15

Damage: n/a

Special Features:

Blinds and stuns all enemies within Range for duration.

Synergy: While Exalted Blade is active, all finishers on Blinded or Stunned enemies will restore 5 Energy plus 1 Energy per second that Exalted Blade has been active.

This Extends to all Allies within Range and grants Excalibur's Passive to them for the Duration of Exalted Blade, and 10 seconds after it is toggled off.

Radial Javelin:

Energy: 75

Range: 25

Duration: Instant

Damage: 1,200 (400 Slash + 400 Puncture + 400 Impact).

Special Features:

Synergy: When Exalted Blade is active, Radial Javelin receives the benefits of Excalibur's Passive Ability.

Innate Seeking: Radial Javelins' will seek out enemy targets.

Anti-Rift: Radial Javelins will damage enemies across Rift Planes.

Exalted Blade:

Energy: 2.5 per Second.

Range: 2.8

Blade Wave Range: 20-40

Blade Wave Combo: Blade Waves increase Melee Combo-Count.

Duration: Toggled

Special Features:

Passive: Exalted Blade benefits from Excalibur's Passive.

Bonus Effect: Thus, when Slash Dash is used, it will receive the Passive Bonus twice instead of only once.

Blade Wave: Whenever Excalibur's Exalted Blade performs an attack, it will release a Blade Wave that has infinite punch through.

Blade Shield: Exalted Blade provides Excalibur's Passive with +10% Armor.

Synergy: Every second that Exalted Blade is active, Excalibur's Passive Ability increases by +20%

Synergy Duration: Synergy lasts for 10 seconds after ending Exalted Blade.

Exalted Blade Mod Stance: This will give +10 Points to Mod Pool of Exalted Blade.


Other Warframe Balancing Coming Soon


Let me know what Warframes you want me to work on next.


I appreciate all feedback that is given.

I also want to have all Warframes to have a Synergy with each other.

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4 hours ago, Fordrim said:

Soul Punch:


Range: 50m
Energy: 25
Damage: 500 Toxin
Punch Through: 5.0
Critical Chance: 5%
Critical Damage: 1.5x
Status Chance: 5% (plus rag-doll effect)


Range: 50m +5m per second
Energy: 25 + 5 per second.
Damage: 500 Toxin +100 Toxin per second.
Punch Through: 5.0 + 1.0 per second.
Critical Chance: 5% + 1% per second.
Critical Damage: 1.5x +0.3x per second.
Status Chance: 5% + 1% per second. (plus rag-doll effect)

Would still be awful. Not to mention, charge mechanics are terrible and redundant. In what scenario would I NOT want a fully charged skill?

4 hours ago, Fordrim said:



Range: 15m
Energy: 75.
Duration: 25 seconds.
Armor Reduction: 20%
Max. Targets: 20


Range: 15m + 3m per second.
Energy: 75 + 15 per second.
Armor Reduction: 20% + 4% per second.
Max. Targets: 20 + 4 per second.

20 is the maximum amount of enemies that can spawn at any given time. Also, too much energy

4 hours ago, Fordrim said:


Requirements: at least one Summoned Shadow
Energy: 20 per second.
Boosts Summoned Shadows Max.: 1.4 Summoned Shadows per second.
Boosts Shadow Damage Max.: 0.3x per second.
Boosts Shadow Health Max.: 0.2x per second
Boosts Shadow Shields Max.: 0.2x per second.

That energy drain is insane

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On 2020-01-02 at 2:46 PM, Fordrim said:


Nekros regenerates 5 Health every time an enemy dies within 10m.

His passive is already this same concept. Albeit with better values

On 2020-01-02 at 2:46 PM, Fordrim said:

Soul Punch:


Range: 75m
Energy: 25
Damage: 500 Toxin + 500 Impact
Punch Through: 10.0
Critical Chance: 10%
Critical Damage: 2.0x
Status Chance: 10%


Rag-doll enemy targets away by 10m.

If targets are slain by Soul Punch, all enemies within 5m will suffer 50% of Soul Punch's Damage and are Knocked down.

Synergy: If Nekros has Desecrate active, then all enemies slain by Soul Punch are affected by Desecrate

Flat damage skills are never good. Given how enemy health and armor scale in Warframe, simple damage skills with no ability to scale have no place in the current game. Starting from the concept of literally ripping out the soul of an enemy, Soul Punch should instantly kill, regardless of level or defenses, when an enemy is below a certain HP threshold (say 40-50% health). This same mechanic is the one Garuda has for her Dread Mirror: She automatically executes sufficiently weakened enemies by ripping out their life force. Moreover, Soul Punch should also be used to detonate and discard unwanted Shadows, dealing a percentage of their total HP/Shields as AoE damage.

On 2020-01-02 at 2:46 PM, Fordrim said:



Range: 15m
Energy: 75.
Duration: 25 seconds.
Enemy Armor Reduction: 20%
Max. Targets: 20

Shrouded Reaper: Nekros receives 20% Armor Bonus per enemy affected by Terrify that is slain within 5 seconds and the Armor Bonus lasts for 10 seconds.

Synergy: If Nekros has Desecrate active and enemies are within its aura, they will suffer 50 Toxin Damage with instant Toxin Proc.

50 Toxin damage is beyond negligible. Plus, it doesn't fit thematically. Again, let's start from the concept: Fear. When Nekros uses Terrify, he invokes fear into the hearts of his opponents. They then begin to flee, that's great. If used in tandem with Desecrate, the ability turns into Terrifying Desecrate. Basically, enemies in range of Desecrate get struck with fear. But instead of running away, they will have severely reduced accuracy and fire rate.

On 2020-01-02 at 2:46 PM, Fordrim said:

Desecrate increases Nekros' Passive to extend to Desecrates Range and has his Passive affect all Allies, Companions and Summons within Desecrate's Aura


On 2020-01-02 at 2:46 PM, Fordrim said:

Damage Boost: 2.5x.
Health: 2.0x.
Shields: 2.0x.

I really like the whole charging up SoD for extra benefits.

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These look like some solid suggestions. Here are my opinions;

Passive: You didn't want to touch onto augment mods but you kind of need to. The current Desecrate augment makes Nekros use health instead of energy for Desecrate, which, in it's current state, in conjunction with your passive, makes Desecrate basically free.

Soul Punch: Maybe use the lifted status instead of ragdoll since ragdolls are really annoying and some weapon mods could capitalize on the lifted effect, allowing for synergy with weapons without having to sacrifice your combo counter. Also I imagine it looking pretty cool when enemies slowly float backwards after a soul punch.

Terrify: Ooh I like this one! Especially the armor reduction part. Does it scale with power strength? The "augment" (?) looks pretty interesting too, though a bit unnecessary. Nekros doesn't have much armor to capitalize on in the first place and you would be better of using the Desecrate augment and Health Conversion.

Desecrate: Basically the same as now but it gathers souls, right? Nothing much to say, I like the bit of support he gives with the synergy ability. 

Shadow of the Dead: The stats seem fine, what happens when your shadows are not caped out though and you recast? Does it produce a new shadow or not? If yes what about the energy cost? 
I straight up LOVE the idea of choosing which shadows should spawn and the ability to command them. It promises an amount of control that could make Nekros deadly and the shadow lord he was advertised as. I would, however, exclude Warframes from this. If they behave like spectres, they could use abilities and that would be overpowered, considering you can fill 7 slots with Warframes with enough forma.
Further, I would remove the pawn sacrifice command; It seems like one of these "I just switch this on, forget about it and am literally unkillable" type of commands. The ability to.. well.. prevent death is either extremely op or extremely useless, depending on whom you ask. Even with the cooldown. 

The rest looks like solid work though. I would love to see this happen and for Nekros to step up to become the shadowlord he was promised to be, rather than just some loot machine.

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Passive needs to have a mid combat effect (lifesteal or hp on attack instead of kill) and shadows need their own out of mission priority screen/allowing you to select the order of shadow priority. Rest is 1, 2 and 4 augment age issues (well SoS issue is that its status/cc transfer is riddled with bugs where allies getting blast proccd knocks you down too, knockbacks/bounce effects not being transferred and in general sometimes letting procs through despite having obviously linked shadows right next to you.

Edited by Andele3025
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