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Suggestion for Focus Balancing; Operator Mode Adjustments & Abilities

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Note: All Suggestion for Focus Balancing content will be subject to change according with other Tenno constructive suggestions.

I currently use the Unairu Focus School.

I was looking at the Schools and thought, why don't they just Rank up similar to Warframe Abilities?


If a Focus School Feature increases Energy Cost for an Operator Ability, it remains at the lowest cost for that Feature instead (similar to a Warframe's Ability).

All Focus School Features become Way-bound (thus Tenno can mix and match their Focus training as much as they wish).

All Focus Schools and their Features that are unlocked and for every Rank the Tenno unlocks gives Mastery Points.

I've seen in some posts what other Tenno have done for Focus Point Obtaining and I've come to a decision.

Active Focus School receives 0.25x Affinity as Focus Points.

Inactive Focus Schools receive 0.05x Affinity as Focus Points.

These are in addition to Focus Lens.

Focus School Mastery:

Once a Tenno fully unlocks all Way-bound Features in a School, they can select one Warframe from their collection and give it the Sentience of Excalibur Umbra.

Edit on 1-2-2020:

If placed on Excalibur Umbra, he receives full Sentience.

This allows him to support the Tenno as a Secondary Warframe that allows them to transfer from their Primary Warframe to Excalibur Umbra, or vice versa.

Thus when a second School is fully unlocked, the Tenno can have two Warframes guarding their Operator.

Every Additional School fully unlocked in this way allows the Tenno to select another Warframe from their collection and apply this Feature to it.

This Feature can be exchanged between Warframes at the Tenno's discretion.

Additional Focus Schools:

I've yet to think about these things as I am still leveling my Focus Schools.

I liked the suggestion about having Focus-nodes giving Warframes a small boost.

Example = I was thinking something like this: Void Mode is a Stealth oriented ability, thus when a Tenn crouches, their Warframe turns invisible for a short duration that Drains Warframe Energy and grants them some of the benefits from Active-Focus-Nodes that grant bonuses to Void Mode.

I believe that they can expand on Focus and allow my fellow Tenno and I more customization and play-styles.

I think that Operator Mode should allow us to use Void-based Melee Weapons.

I am going to start working on some ideas for this Feature.

Personally, I liked the Void-Melee-Weapon Suggestion that is based on Psi-Weaponry, these would have to be non-copyrighted weapons though.

Movement Changes: I think that when in Operator Mode the Tenno should be able to still use Warframe Parkour maneuvers and assign Void Abilities to the 1, 2, 3 & 4 Key-binds and still have Transference/Transcendence bound to Key-bind 5.

This should make the Operator less cumbersome to use.

New Operator Features per request: Void Awakening (Void Attunement)

Operators can now receive Ranks, starting at Rank 0.

These Ranks grant Mastery Points.

The Operator receives 1 Universal Slot (this grants +10 to Pool of Void Energy), 1 Specialized (coming soon) Slot and 8 Augmetic (coming soon) Slots.

The Operator will receive a Pool of Void Energy (amount equal to Rank or double if they have a fully unlocked Focus School) that they spend on increasing different aspects of their Operator.

I think that this could become something that we can build towards.

If you have any constructive suggestions and ideas (like for Focus School Names and Features or how to change current Focus School Features.), please let me know so that I can add them to this Post.

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I like the idea of a true melee option for the Operator (Void Blast hardly counts, though it is amusing to occasionally shove an enemy to death). I've seen the idea brought up and lightly discussed so I assume others must like it as well. My first impulse would be something like the Protoss/Xcom Templar Psi Blades and since that could easily be folded into the Amp system if this was ever done that's probably about how it would go. Alternately, dual glaives made of void energy, functioning like the chakrams from Kingdoms of Amalur.

Generally: I feel like a good model for Operator gameplay would be Infamous. As is the Operator moves kinda awkwardly and stiffly, any smoother, more natural mobility for them would be nice but I think Cole/Delsin/Fetch would be a good base for running and jumping, maybe climbing.

Skill Tree:

Void Attunement. Increases Operator Energy pool, energy regen and efficiency of void powers. Unlocks higher tier skills.

Basically functioning as the Operator equivalent to Mods, allowing to swap out and mix and match things whenever you want, unlocking variations of skills and such. Example: Void Blast (upgraded to function more like the Alpha Blast of Infamous 2) can be swapped out with a focused version that has increased range and damage but a more narrow blast (Punch/Sniper Blast style).

Maybe give the Operator passive skills that buff Frames, basically being slightly weaker versions of existing mods, like a Vitality that only goes up to 100% and such.

For some reason I'm having trouble putting thoughts down, sorry.

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