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Anyone else seeing damage proc on targets you didn't shoot with baza prime?


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It's very rare, but I think this weapon was supposed to have a ricochet area of effect feature that they removed at the very last second because it made the weapon not mr fodder trash. (seriously there's no reason to grind for the baza prime, it's the baza, but shinier.) 

Anyway it's happened five or six times now. No im not using a frame that does area of effect damage. You shoot at a target and just suddenly notice that a near by target is receiving like slash dps even though you didn't hit them. I first noticed this because i saw a target around a corner was ticking damage numbers.

That said if randomly ricocheting to a near by target was originally intended to be part of this weapon it needs to be added back. If not i honestly have no idea what is happening, maybe a glitch of some kind?

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