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Frost leaf spawning with The Silver Grove quest


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I recently was doing the Silver Grove quest, and came upon a issue with Frostleaf while doing the quest. I had tried 8 missions on Venus, and not 1 frostleaf spawned. These included E Gate, Unda, Aphrodite, and Venera. For some reason frostleaf did not spawn in the locations/tilesets they should have spawned. I had set quest inactive and tried E Gate again with no luck.

I was only able to find Frostleaf with quest inactive on Linea, Venus. It was very frustrating, especially after passing the same location as other runs and seeing frostleaf finally there. I had heard spawning in the 3 door locker room can cause this, but for one mission, I did not spawn in that room, but had quest active but still no Frostleaf.

I hope the bits of info I gave help, as it was very fustrsting. It took me a hour to a hour and a half to find something that should have maybe taken 1 or 2 missions.

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