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Melee 2.0 Heavy Attack bugs (Nikana and rounding)


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I've noticed three bugs with melee 2.0, since they're all related to heavy attacks I will describe them in one post.


  1. Life Strike - Nikana heavy attack doesn't seem to consistently trigger life strike. The sliding heavy attack and second hit of the heavy attack combo seem to work fine, but the first heavy attack is inconsistent.
  2. Melee Combo Efficiency + Initial Combo - It also doesn't seem to respect melee combo efficiency properly either. When using a heavy attack it will use up the entirety of my combo count most of the time. It seems to be calculating it from 0 which is wrong since my initial combo is 19. (ie with an initial combo of 5 and efficiency of 50% and a current combo count of 10 a Heavy Attack should lower me to 7, not 5.)
  3. Combo count rounding is wrong/non-existent. Since Rivens can roll combo count to tenths it seems pretty crummy that I can roll a +19.9 initial combo count riven and have it added on as 19.0 -- either dump the tenths or make it properly round (.0-.4 down, .5-.9 up).


Notice that when equipping my +19.9 initial combo Riven it is listed as 19.0 in my stats.

If it isn't obvious by my post these problems combine to create an exacerbated issue for me. I have a +19.9 initial combo Sepfahn riven that I'd like to use with a Heavy Attack build (replacing Corrupt Charge outright), but because it rounds down I need to manually melee to hit a 2x combo. But even then because I'm using initial combo I'm punished by going right back down to 19 after using one heavy attack. And again, because the first heavy attack is bugged for Life Strike I cannot consistently trigger Life Strike on bonused attacks unless I build my combo counter up to at least 40.

Basically if even one of these issues was fixed it would go a long way to make Initial Combos riven builds more viable, especially with riven disposition being a thing.

tldr treat initial combo as the 'floor' in heavy attack calculations (rather than 0) and fix rounding for Initial Combo count (since Rivens can roll to Tenths it seems unfair that they always round down)


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