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With Railjack out, can we expect a remaster or new archiwing missions?


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I am new posting here, and i need to clarify for future readers that english isn't my native language. 

The thing is, I want to know ,that now that Railjack is out and the devs are going to be updating and improving its core mechanics, and adding new Modular Archwings,  can we get new archwing missions or have the existing one remastered,to update them and to make them  look like final and not like place holders. Now that you have models for ships and new assets isn't or at least, i don't think it would be difficult to update the old ones, to look a little bit more complete. 

I have been playing railjak missions with my friends, enjoying it all. Yes, all of it. But the thing is, most of them, didn't have their archwing  maxed out, or with reactors. because all that wasn't necessary before. My question is, can you please do some actual funny archwing mission to make people care about their archwing and be ready to use them o railjack missions or make the Railjack missions more, affinity friendly to level up those wings. 

The fact that the existing missions really look dated, and are not that funny, it's a real shame that the new players and not so new players have acces to railjack have the wrong impression of how their archwing will play out on the new railjack missions.

thanks, for reading and sorry if I made your eyes bleed.

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Honestly, I feel like Railjack stuff should operate a bit more like GW2 and Destiny etc, in that there are local events that pop up as you travel about, rather than being linear, locked-in missions.

It has become one of my biggest gripes with Warframe, after 4000 hours. Why is it that we can enter a mission, cause some havoc, kill off a contingent of enemies, and that counts for nothing unless we do specifically X, Y and Z? We already have examples of our original mission no longer being important (like G3 spawning, or random objective changes), so it's not like we completely fail if we don't finish those original objectives.

It's even more pronounced in space. Our enemies are near-infinite, and we're effectively just running surgical strikes and skirmishes over and over just to create some minor weaknesses in their ranks. Why can we enter an area, kill everything, board and destroy one base but fail because we didn't board and destroy the second base? I mean, it's great to incentivise players to complete a task, but why not take a page from GW2 and make those tasks smaller, but in higher number? Hit and run, gather some resources, keep the enemy on their toes, and more importantly: don't die at their hands. Don't risk letting them get their hands on Tenno technology. Alad V got his hands on too many Warframes and it was meant to be this huge deal that he created Zanuka out of them. Our motto is basically to live to fight another day, we should be able to more or less battle and explore as far as we are willing to go, but to retreat with our loot intact when we reach our limits. Death is what should be punished, not partial mission completion. Death is a penalty, completion should be a bonus, rather than the mandatory baseline.

If the game was more like that, we could tour different areas, battling in archwing and railjack alike, breaching on board for lengthier ground missions, and extract ourselves after we've completed enough dynamic objectives to satisfy our run.

I'm rambling. Only got half an idea what I just said, but it's more or less a different game by the end of it XD

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