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Death Of Enemies


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I, for one, really enjoy Warframe's gameplay. The motion and execution just feels good. Slicing a Grineer horizontally in half with my Skana for the first time was pretty satisfying.


One issue I have though is when certain enemy types are killed, Infested Ancients for example, they tend to stay upright and stick around absorbing bullets for their comrade behind them. Now I know you can combat this by using piercing mods and such, but is it possible within the engine DE is using to interrupt this scripted animation?


Think of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare or even Halo: Reach. If you've never played either of these, here is my explanation.


In those two games there are a handful of scripted animations that are triggered when a specific type of kill or shot is performed on the player. In Chivalry, you can slice an opponent's arm clean off, and sometimes they will begin a short animation of them reaching for their missing arm and screaming in agony.


During this animation though, they aren't suddenly untouchable or considered a stationary object. You can actually press your Kick key and interrupt their violent anguish with a blunt kick to their chest tossing them on their back, quieting them for being so feeble.


My suggestion is just to add this feature to the game (if possible). Whenever an Infested Ancient is wildly flailing their arms from a flaming death, let us cut them down or shoot them down to get them out of the way so we can proceed to mow down their friends.


Thanks for reading, I didn't really expect it to be that long.



Let us interrupt the scripted death animations, so we can shoot the baddies behind them.

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I highly approve.


The new death animations are really great, but it would be better if they didn't become standing meat shields for their allies, even if it is temporary.


So I think either the target in its death animation should be interrupted and rag doll after taking any damage again, or take a certain amount of damage.

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tipp: use shred=all problems solved

Yeah I did mention that pierce mods can be a way to get around this, but that's no fun if you really want to put another mod in place.


Also, thanks everyone. I didn't think it would be received so positively. Night made.




Plus, who wouldn't like blasting the obstructive Infested Ancients down on their &#! for being such a nuisance?

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