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Thermia Fractures Events


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instead of having the same rewards as when launched originally
an we have rewards like the balor fomorian or the corpus one?
instead of the same
so as to reward old players playing again the same context maybe?

🙂 happy new year!

was thinking maybe something like at 150-200 for a potato blueprint or something like that 

and every time the event appears for new players it starts from 0 
and for the rest if they have done it once then it starts from 100 and they can do the extra 50-100 to get the new reward it has now that it spawed again


cuz now for me it is just placeholder in my alert screen that i get nothing out of it 😛

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I definitely haven't touch this since the first time it was out. Since you start at the same point you left off on the last time. Adding a new mile marker seems like a no brainer. Could be anything from potatos to umbra formas. Those would definitely attract players.

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