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Picture frame


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Picture frame

kind of a dumb frame concept and it's not fully thought out, but here is the base concept.


Health: 250

Shields: 100

Armor: 65

Energy: 200


Passive: projectiles have a chance of being made greyscale and reflected back at enemies.


1:(25) take a picture of an enemy producing a greyscale colored copy that will act as a minion with shared health and stats as the target. 


2: (50) globally change the filter from greyscale to alter the effects. 


3:(75) create a picture along the side of an area when a second picture is taken it will act similarly to portal. When allies or enemies pass through they will be filtered for 20 seconds. 


4:(100) aim at an area to cause it to become filtered over the area of visibility. While in the filtered region enemies and players will also be filtered causing buffs/debuffs.

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9 hours ago, (PS4)JuliusTheDivine said:

The concept is there but I feel you could go in more detail about his abilities or so about which specific buffs or debuffs you're writing of

Yeah this was a quick write not gonna lie. If I had to I'd probably give them something like Instagram filters that effect damage output and movement, but I'm a bit busy tbh.

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