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So, I want to start off by saying I am absolutely loving the Empyrean content and am in now way dissatisfied with it. Very awesome work guys. I'm just gonna copy and past what I posted to the fb page cus it describes the bugs and how to handle them. 


I am in no way bashing warframe right now, Empyrean has been a blast to play and these bugs have not bothered me or caused any major losses in game.

Empyrean Bug Tips lol

1: There are times when you go to slingshot from inside the ship, you will have your normal weapons equipped, not your archwing loadout, this could be fun or bad depending what you have equipped lol. To fix, enter the ship or any ship or location and exit.

2: Do not be inside a crewship once the objective completes. 90% of the time, you will be teleported outside of the map and stuck.

3: If you get stuck outside the map and just see darkness, look around, you will see a cube with your squad and the mission in it, or a giant railjack in it, either way, fly towards it, if you can't fly, you will have to leave the mission and rejoin. If that is what you have to do, wait until your squad completes the mission and travels to the next one so you don't lose the resources you've gained in that misison.

4: Depending on connection, or sometimes cus there's just a ton of stuff happening, or someone is leaving/joining, sometimes when you board something, railjack, crewship, or objective, you won't actually board it and will move through the location as if you're still in your archwing, just fly through the location until you're back outside in your archwing and try again.

5: The mission where you have to steal the grineer prototype, so for with me and randoms, 100% of the time you will get stuck inside of the asteroid. Exit the ship if you haven't been teleported out of it, and type /unstuck in the chat.

6: Half the time using the omni tool to teleport back to the railjack then immediately going into your tenno, the game will teleport you to the objective. This can be exploited to fast travel to it, but it's not good if your railjack is in trouble.

7: If you exit your or someone's railjack and can't re enter and get teleported back to the same spot whenever you move or omni tool to the railjack, unstuck won't help. Instead, have someone bring the railjack to you, board it manually, and that'll fix it.

8: If you leave the railjack, or any location, and running around in your warframe, hope and wait for your archwing to load in. If nothing happens, try going into your tenno and back into your frame. However, going into your tenno in this situation may result in you running around space, locked out of your pause menu and everything else other than your amp. Only solution we've found here is to completely close and restart warframe.

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