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Expanding the melee system


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My English is poor,and sometimes i will use a google translate, but i'll try to get my idea to you.
Firs of all, i fell in love with this game from 2013, thanks to the combat system. And the last update "melee 3.0" was a great second wind for all melee weapons. I have suggestions on how to expand the combat system even more, and make it even more interesting.

So-to business.

I think that adding some slasher mechanics to the game will only benefit it, so I propose to consider the system "lock on target", which will open a huge list of possibilities for how to deal with the enemy. 
1) can we have the opportunity to add to the game attack throwing the enemy into the air. I know that in the game there is such a possibility through power attacks, but the toss occurs with a certain chance, and has 2 functions-immobilizing the enemy, and causing him increased damage. That's kind of boring, because all you do is increasing your damage to kill the enemy as fast as your damage can do, without any of beauty. And my point is to add in game new combo which is guaranteed to send enemies into the air when you press "moving backwards+melee attack button", and when you hold attack button you fly up into the air with the enemy, where you deal with it with the help of an existing air combo in the game. I think that this is a great idea, and hope that you will pay attention to it.


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1) There is lockon in game already
2) Encouraging it further would just reduce the quality of melee stances because it supports sloppy animation design/it started off as a mechanic as a crutch for consoles due to controllers lack of precision
3) Heavy slam>jump>spam attack while holding back already does what you asked for (send enemy in air and hit em while not moving you), issue is only in lift status not working like the exodia/rhino stomp/bastille

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