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Some random thoughts about elemental damage procs and how to fix them


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This post may go on as rambling, but I just have a lot of ideas that I want to run down, so let’s get this started.


It’s no secret that the different elemental types in warframe are far from balanced, some are almost useless while some are almost mandatory on most builds.


So how do we improve these weaker elements


The physical damage types


Impact - One of the worst status procs in the game, and almost a hindrance on most weapons as it makes it harder to hit headshots accurately.


Pure CC/Stun status effects just aren’t that useful anymore, so what to do to fix it?


Thematically what do you think of when you think impact damage, well there's the obvious, stun, but there's also another thing, bruising, when an enemy is bruised they take more damage right? It’s a bit of a stretch but I think that a great foundation for this could be the new Archwing Slash proc, granted the numbers would need to be toned down otherwise impact shotguns would just become horrendously overpowered. 

New Impact Proc 

  • Enemies are stunned, but change the stun animation so it doesn't make it harder to hit headshots, just make them not move.

  • Each impact proc on an enemy increases all subsequent damage dealt by 5% x number of impact procs, and capping out at 200% extra damage with 40 impact procs. The bonus applies to your total damage after mods and any warframe buffs.

This would keep impact’s utility as a cc tool, as many warframe abilities force impact procs to stun enemies while also giving the proc some very strong damage potential, giving another alternative to armor stripping.


Puncture - Similarly useless as impact though not as detrimental. What about a spear or a piercing shot or an arrow screams “damage reduction”, nothing. Puncture should pierce the enemy, and allow you to bypass defences, well we already have something for this, true damage.


New Puncture Proc

  • Damage that procs puncture is treated as true damage, bypassing armor and shields.

  • Bullets that proc puncture are given innate punch through, enough to go through the enemy you shot.


Slash - To be honest there is nothing wrong with slash, everyone loves slash.


Single Elements


Cold - Cold functions about how it should in warframe as you would think, and has a few different functions, the problem is that what cold does right now (slowing an enemy and increasing the duration of other status procs) just is not very strong. I think it’s a good opportunity to take an idea from borderlands, in borderlands if you proc cold a few times on an enemy they will be completely frozen, and once frozen they take increased headshot damage.


New Cold Proc - Same effects as before, except when you apply 3 consecutive cold procs on an enemy it freezes them completely, while frozen they take 50% increased headshot and melee damage.


Toxin - Toxin is the quintessential “fine” element, toxin alone is just a bit of damage over time which isn't great when you have things like slash and heat that are so much more.


How about we add some utility to the element, give it a reason to be used on its own alongside other elements. 


New Toxin Proc - Same Damage over time, except enemies that have a toxin proc are 20% more likely to receive a status effect.


You are poisoned, sick, you are more likely to get more sick, may be pushing it a bit there, but having toxin procs increase the chance for other status effects to proc seems like a nice extra utility.


Heat - Heat just received it’s rework, and the only change I would like to see to it is for enemies on fire to be just a bit less sporadic with their movements.

Electricity - Electric procs are actually not that bad, just a little on the weak side, they stun and have a bit of aeo damage in the form of chain lighting springning out from the initial target. The best way to improve it would be to increase the range from 3 to 4 meters on the chain lightning and for the electric stun to be able to stun lock enemies if the proc is kept applied to them, which is an issue right now with wisp’s shock mote.

Elemental Combinations


The elemental combinations are pretty hit or miss, some are amazing (viral, corrosive) some are fine (gas, radiation), and some are awful (blast, magnetic)


Both Viral and Corrosive are great as is, and don’t really need to change.


Gas - gas damage is in a pretty decent spot, though it does not scale very well into endgame. Gas could use for a small buff, maybe increasing the gas clouds duration and area of effect is all gas really needs to be good enough.


Radiation - another great change to take something well done by borderlands, radiation as it is now is mostly used for it’s damage multiplier against some types of armor and eidolons, with it’s proc mostly relegated to oberon’s second ability for some crowd control. Mind control abilities are infamously bad as enemies have so much armor and do so little damage compared to their health that they may as well be shooting Nerf guns at each other during combat,


New Radiation Proc - Keep the enemies becoming confused, in addition enemies slowly lose armor/shields over time at a rate of 5% per second maxing out at 60% for the duration of the proc. When an enemy with a radiation proc on it dies it explodes in a 4 meter blast dealing damage equal to its max health increased by your electric and heat damage mods.


Blast - Blast is essentially just AEO impact, but it really could be so much more.

New Blast Proc - In addition to knocking down enemies within the 5 meter explosion radius, your weapon does AOE damage in that 5 meter area, doing damage equal to your modded weapon damage. (or equal to the damage you just dealt with that shot)


Blast should explode, do damage!


Magnetic - shields are already to get through , between slash toxin and gas there is no real reason to use magnetic damage. Why don’t we lean into the actual magnetic and, to a lesser extent electromagnetic pulses for inspiration. The void status proc is exactly what we want, making projectiles near the target home in on them.


New Magnetic proc - keep all the old effects of magnetic, in addition magnetic damage will have the same effect as the void status effect (drawing in near projectiles) and a magnetic status effect will release a 3 meter electromagnetic pulse, disabling all machinery for a few seconds, this includes jamming weapons, disabling stunning robotics, and most importantly, disabling nullifier bubbles for a few seconds.


Well that’s what I have to say about how to balance the elements in warframe, give each one a powerful and unique effect, something that can be built around or has a powerful niche. 

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When everything is in bold letters nothing is.

For the most part they are reasonable , but there are 2 probelms. 

First , yours system does not adress the naturally bad relation of low roof weapons and status. 

Second , alot of the damage types and procs are not because of their desing. They are bad due to the overwhelming power of armor 


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