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A Hopeful Idea That Deserves A Look.


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OK now before this gets started this entire post relies on the fact the melee gets insane buffs and becomes viable at top tire level. 


Ok so here it is.....(given that the forums are screaming that melee become more viable and such and with a potential addition of such buffs as it entails to make melee viable at top tier levels) what about a "none" option for primary and secondary weapons.  In the arsenal when you go to equip your weapons (just like sentinels) you can choose a "none" option for weapons whether it be primary, secondary, or melee. What do yall think?   of course this would only be able to be implemented with significant melee buffs but I think it would be cool. Any of yall ever wanted to be that sword only wielding Excalibur from the videos and trailers and concept art...or even the picture in the backdrop of this very website....to your right?  The DE could maybe make some walk, run, sprint, crouch, jump, slide, and idle animations for a melee only load out......maybe?


The reason for this post is that obviously melee is big for this game and this developer team. Look at the amount of melee weapons vs. the amount of primary and secondary. Am I right? So if the buffs to melee come as the community is calling for than I think this would be a cool addition in a future update like 11 or 12 or 13. A huge thing in games these days (maybe the biggest thing ever) is customization. Make you look and fight like you want to and to make yourself unique out of the (what) 3 million people who play this game. Some people like guns and others don't so why do those of use that want to only bring into the game a sword and deal death and mayhem on the battlefield have to suffer with dragging along these clunky guns (hehehe)? The DEVs want more customization and I really think this could add a lot the game.


Anyway let me know what you think or post your ideas and twists to this idea in the comments people. I'm one person with a simple view and I miss stuff and everything so please post improvements to this idea and maybe we will get somewhere.

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