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Exploit: free riven rolls


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I believe I have discovered a way to look at the result of a riven roll, then back out without paying the kuva cost so you can try again. I have not tested this in depth for fear of autobanning, but the process I discovered by accident is as follows: 

  1. Select a riven, go into the reroll screen, and click roll. In my case, this was a catchmoon riven at max rank, already at its max cost per roll. 
  2. See the result, and have the option to choose which version you want to keep. In my case, I noticed the riven result was similar to the effects of a non-riven mod. 
  3. Open the official Warframe app. When it asks to kick the current session, kick it. This does not actually close the game that is running. In my case, I used the app on an iPhone SE to look up the other mod, and I decided the rerolled riven was not sufficiently better than it so I wanted to keep my old roll. 
  4. In the riven screen, click the confirm button. I don't think it matters which choice is selected. This pulls up an error message saying something like "Request could not be completed. Your account has not been charged." and sends you back to the main mods screen. In my case, this happened to line up with what I wanted anyway, namely keeping the old roll's effects. 
  5. Close the game and log in again, kicking the app session in the process. After the first time, further attempts to roll the riven will fail with the same error message without showing the next roll. However, I believe relogging would allow you to repeat the exploit indefinitely. One could then simply back out of any result you don't like, and only pay for the single roll that gave something good. 

It's possible that simply alt+f4ing on the confirmation screen would also let you cancel after seeing the new roll, or it may be unique to the weird not-fully-there-ness of the game after the app has tried to kick it. Whatever the base cause, this seems like something that should be fixed. Kuva may be cheap now that it's permanently in the nightwave shop, but it still wouldn't be good to break the one major use of it. 

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