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Valkyr stuck in Hysteria and cannot attack


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I was soloing a Sabotage mission just to test the concept of putting Fuel cells in the coolant system (awesome that there are three different ways to do this, btw) and ran into a strange glitch.  I was running Valkyr Prime with only the Hystrix and Orvius weapons equipped, which is probably important.  The Hystrix and orvius do the "pistol and melee out at the same time/combination" thing, and I think that's the problem.  I got disarmed by a Grineer Drak master and went Hysteria to clear out some enemies and get my weapon back.  I did not notice at the time if I could attack or shoot before going Hysteria.  I also unfortunately am not sure if my glaive had been thrown as part of the combo, because my attack speed makes melee little more than a blur of motion.  I believe I was then hit by a Nullifier bubble (it was a Warp Fissure mission) and was supposed to be booted out of Hysteria, but instead I ended up stuck in Hysteria and unable to attack or end Hysteria.  Retrieving my weapon did not resolve this, but dying and reviving did.  

I have tried to repeat the situation by getting Nullified out of Hysteria (which kicked me back to weapons like it should) and by getting disarmed of my pistol, going Hysteria and getting Nullified, but that just kicked me to my Orvius like it should.  Possibly some form of timing issue, as it happened very quick the first time.  

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