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Wisp Augment Suggestions


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I just wanted to have a section where we can discuss About possible Wisp Augments.


 Actually i have an idea for her 1

- Wisp gets a new mote. I thought of a dmg reduction mote, an Energy mote or even a crit/crit Chance mote. The Downside is that she can only have 4 motes active at the same time.

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I'd love it if Wisp could change her "Loadout" of motes.   Categorized by Blue/Green/Red.   Green being offensive motes.  Blue being CC motes.  Red being defensive motes.   So you can't stack offensive motes such as her Haste buff plus a Crit buff,  or stack her health buff with a damage reduction buff.   (though you could have multiple Wisps with different buffs, potentially, unless they want to prevent that interaction and only the first or most recent wisp is applied)


An augment I really want to see:



Chromatic Beam:

Sol Gate applies a new status condition per tick,  and the damage dealt is amplified Condition-Overload style per status on a target. 



Then sol-gate might actually be as useful as the impressive visual suggests,  and worth using in general instead of something widely ignored by most Wisp players (I've literally not seen any Wisp use it in the past month, and I play mostly wisp myself and I've only used it twice in a low level mission I was doing for a mod.)

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Augment for 2 ability to: Wisp leaves her copy on place and flies in during several seconds, maintaining invisibility and the ability to shoot.. After the action ends, Wisp will reset the Aim Glide timer. You can still swap with a copy and get invulnerability.

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Honestly Id rather her mote augment do something beside give more free stats. 

Just a thought, what if the motes applies debuffs to enemies that pass through their area of effect? Passing through a Red mote causes enemies to lose hp (either a % or flat amount), passing through a green mote slows enemies down, and passing through a blue mote shocks them. This way you can set traps of sorts and allow wisp to affect not just her teammates with buffs but affect the map layout with enemy debuffs

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Some simple ones:

1) Shock Mote no longer pulses and instead charges your next attack with its effects. (up to you if that's a your Fulmin or Kuva Ogris rocket though)

2) When holding down 2, you control the decoy's movement.

4) Vitality motes add slash procs instead of damage to Sol Gate, and Haste motes allow mods to affect damage Sol gate's damage ramp-up.

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