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Revamping the Kuva Lich System

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Happy New Year Everyone!

So usually I do warframe concepts here on the forums, but a video from @Brozime on fixing Kuva Liches really got me thinking. Now, I would like to throw my hat into the ring and provide my thought on how the Kuva Lich system can be further improved. 

Currently, from my point of view, there are several problems with the Kuva Lich system. 

1) It requires quite a bit of grind, so as to try and stretch out the content.

2) It is repetitive, thus it gets old quickly

4) The rewards are not worth it besides the kuva weapon you get. This means that if you get a lich that has a weapon you already have with no ephemera, then that lich is useless, but to get another one you have to kill that one. That doesn't sound like fun to me. 


So, while I'm not reworking the whole system, a few changes here and there could make it more fun for most players.

So. First up, the guessing game.

The first change here would be that requiems would come as a set of two in the relics. So instead of either getting Fass or Ris, You would get Fass and Ris. Why? Because they way you would guess the requiems would be that you have to guess all three right. Acquiring these requiems at a higher rate is necessary, as you will see. Failures to do correctly guess will result in the correct sequence being changed based on the ones that were wrong. Say for instance the correct sequence was Xata, Ris, Lohk;  But you guess Xata, Ris, Khra; It would be considered wrong, and the correct sequence would then become Xata, Ris, and like Jahu or something. Contextualized, the death words that can override immortality are difficult to nail down, and will change every time an attempt is made on the life of a lich.

Now changing that would also have to change the way murmurs work. Thought of that too; check this out. 
1) Murmurs now give you a pool of 3 requiems, one of which is correct. You have to guess which one is correct on a 33% percent chance. If you go into a mission and fight your lich using the wrong one of the three possible choices, the Lich will leave and level up and that murmur will show you three different mods that you have to guess from. I'm not sure if forcing the player to farm the thralls required for the failed murmur again is a good move, but one that was considered and decided against on my part.

Now, you can consume 1 Requiem I, II, III and IV relic to create a Requiem Transponder, a new resource that can be used to re-roll a requiem relic to a different category with its respective rewards (converting III to IV, I to II etc). Then consume 1500/2000/2500 kuva (based on current lich level 3 or above), 200 void traces and a forma to craft a Parazon Alternator. By itself, the Parazon Alternator would be able to revive a defiled mod back to 1 use with a 35% chance to revive the mod back to three uses, but cycle it out for a different, random requiem mod that is not apart of any triplet murmurs already revealed. 

After that, You can then consume 1 Requiem Transponder, Parazon Alternator, and 5 Orokin cells to craft a Requiem Beacon. This requiem beacon would be a new consumable resource that increases your chances of guessing the right requiem mod from 33% to 50% by removing one incorrect requiem from the selected murmur triplet choice pool, making it a 50/50 chance. These would be usable for guessing one single requiem mod in the entire table. (It's meant to be an olive branch, not the whole damn tree...) These changes turn the preparatory phase of a lich battle into a true guessing game without feeding the player the answer if they grind hard enough.

Quite a lot, huh? It's alright; stay here for a bit, take a breather while I recap.

1) Three new resources to be added to the game
     Requiem Transponder: Use this to reroll Requiem relics to different categories. (from I to II, III to IV etc). Perhaps feeding it void traces could bias the selection process towards the desired one?
     Parazon Alternator: Revive defiled requiem mods.
     Requiem Beacon: Removes one mod from the Triplet Gamble.

2) Two new mechanics:
    Triplet Gamble: Murmurs will now show the player three mods, one of which is correct and players must guess by fighting their lich using one of the three choices shown. The mercy attempt will reveal if they were right. Murmurs will do this for each of the three requiems, showing you a total of nine mods, three of which are correct. Thrall count for murmurs would need to be slightly reduced so as to make it less grind-intensive while still adding an extra layer of difficulty.
    Failure Cycle: Failing the Triplet Gamble will cause the correct mod to change to a different requiem mod. From the player's perspective, when they come back to their orbiter from a failed lich assassination attempt, and they check their requiem attempts, the three mods that they could choose from will have changed and they are welcome to jump back in and guess again from the new triplet. Using a Requiem beacon and still failing will cause 50/50 chance to remain, showing the player two mods instead of three, one of which is correct. This is such because the beacons are only usable once per lich and it wouldn't be fair otherwise.


*******************Let me know if anything else could be added to make this plan even better, or let me know your thoughts on this plan as it is, or just say hi; either one's fine. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this.********************


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