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Getting Back In..



Hey guys. Long time no see.


Is there a list that I kind find all of the major and minor changes that have occurred since I've been away? Last event I took part in was the Fusion event.


I'm terribly confused about all the shiny new stuff, and it makes me sad I went away.

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Well, a bunch of new Warframes have been introduced, new mods have been added, the Artifact system was overhauled to become the 'Aura' system, some event exclusive weapons were released, the Orokin Void/ Derelict maps were released, accessible via the use of keys...


Check the wiki, it has all the answers you need. 

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There are allot of new weapons. Mostly re-skins of old weapons with different stats. New boss that you have to farm. New frames. Allot of ability balances that have ended up turning the iconic, into something much less, and there are two new maps.


And what H3_Cupcake said.

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Might want to skim over some of the big update pages since the Fusion MOA Event (I may be missing some):


 Update 8 - Rise of the Warlords

 Update 9 - Vor's Revenge

 Update 10 - Shadows of the Dead


So, there has been a lot of new content added. I'm not sure how long you played after the Fusion MOA Event, but here is a quick review:


  The game is going to be released on Playstation 4 in mid-November, and will be considered out of open beta after that happens.


  There has been several new Warframes added. They are Vauban the tactical/utility frame, Nova the antimatter frame, Nekros the necromancer frame, and a new prime: Mag Prime. Frost Prime was also completely implemented after the Fusion MOA Event.


  We have a new mission mode which has replaced Raid. It's called Survival, and you must fight off endless armies of enemies while maintaining a high oxygen supply to stay alive. It's like Endless Defense in that you can go as long as you want; there is a timer tracking your time. You must extract manually, though.


  There are several new areas as well. First is the Void, which is an Orokin ship tileset filled with traps, treasures, and corrupted monsters. Most of the prime weapons and Warframes come from here. You need keys from Defense and Survival missions to go here. Secondly is Phobos, which is an entirely new Grineer-run planet, based off of a desert. It has new types of Grineer as well as the first aggressive, wild creature. Third is the Derelict, which are Orokin ships which are outside of the Void that have been overrun with Infested. You must craft special keys to access this place. It also has its own boss.


 The only new boss in the game is Lephantis, or originally "J2000 Golem." He is the boss of the Derelicts, the first two-phase boss, and the J3-Golem replacement. However, Captain Vor on Mercury has been reworked.


  More Sentinels have been added as well. There is Dethcube, which uses a machine gun; Carrier, who uses a shotgun and picks up items with a vacuum; and Djinn, who can stun enemies and uses a poison dart.


  There is at least 30 new mods available in the game; many of them are for weapons and Warframes, but there are some new tricks for Sentinels to use as well.


  A lot of new weapons have been added in the past few updates as well. To name some (but probably not all), they are, by type:


 Melee: Orthos and Orthos Prime (polearms), Galatine (heavy two-handed sword), Kama (sickle-like), Dual Ichor (infested axes), Dakra Prime (longsword), Prova (Corpus melee stick), Ether Reaper, Reaper Prime, & Hate (scythes), Fang Prime (dual daggers), Paris Prime, Boar Prime


Secondary: Kunai, Despair, & Hikou (throwing knives), Acrid (poison dart gun), Embolist (poison gun), Spectra (laser pistol), Bronco Prime (dual shotgun)


 Primary: Soma (auto assault rifle), Ogris (rocket launcher), Ignis (flamethrower), Torid (poison grenade launcher), Lanka (laser sniper), Flux Rifle (laser rifle), Dera (basic Corpus gun), Synapse (lightning rifle), Sobek (Grineer shotgun), Miter (sawblade gun), Braton Prime

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 Allot of ability balances that have ended up turning the iconic, into something much less, and there are two new maps.


And what H3_Cupcake said.


Well that was fairly casual stated. What does this mean exactly?

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Most abilities that deal damage tend to be worthless beyond enemy level 60-70. CC abilities are unaffected.


Grineer units that use flames (scorches and napalm, also flameblades) are A LOT more powerful than what they were before.


Chance of useful mod drops have been significantly decreased as they added a ton of less-than-useful ones.


Void Towers are now a prime source of Control Modules, and all T3 have a flat 37% chance (or so) to drop Forma BPs. Also there are a ton of Prime stuff, Frost, Mag, Bronco, Paris, Latron, and more (check wiki for where to farm them). Most Prime stuff is worth it.


There is a new kind of mission, Survival, which is fun and has good chance of rewarding Void Keys. Check wiki for details on where and what.


We are waiting for Armor 2.0, the fabled patch/rebalance for the issues of high-level enemies and power creep and the fact that 70% of the weapons available suck even with formas.

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