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Railjack host migration causes glitched weapons

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Teammate was host - his game crashed/dashboarded when he exited a crew ship (this happens to him a lot if he is host so he rarely hosts me).

I was left.  Before the host migration, I was in a crewship. After the host migration I was in AW next to the crewship but with Warframe weapons not AW weapons. Going back inside any ship, the only "weapon" I had was the parazon, and going back out again to AW the only weapons I had were my warframe weapons.  I tried entering/exiting an asteroid base, another crew ship, and the railjack.

After killing a few ships with my WF guns, and destroying crewship reactors with my operator, I got sick of it and let the enemies kill me as death is generally the universal fix to Warframe bugs.

Also, of course after he got his Warframe booted up again, he was not prompted to rejoin squad and unable accept my invite to rejoin as it reported objective had been completed - even though it hadn't.


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