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Heavy attack hold duration slider


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Grineer cave survival, Ceres.
I swing my scythe left and right.
Combo counter builds. x6. x8. x10.
Wait, what is this?
My Warframe raises their melee weapon slowly.
What are you doing, I never ordered you to-
But it is done already. The heavy attack, went into nothingness. The entire combo counter reset.
I cry out into the darkness as the abyss swallows me.

Yeah, this happens alot. Accidental heavy attacks. The problem, I believe, is that the hold-threshold for a heavy attack to unleash is too short for me. I would suggest a slider in the settings allowing you to decide how long you have to hold the button before a heavy attack is unleashed.

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This is a new take on the idea. A slider could work.. I get the impression they haven't made heavy attack a toggle option because they don't want to add to the wall of options. If they're not opposed to both the toggle option and the slider, it would be super nice. So far I've seen a lot of agreement on all sides to make an option so that it isn't necessarily hold-to-heavy, and you could instead use an independent bind. A slider would make things more serviceable if they don't do that.. I think it has a lot to do with Heavy attack being tied to frame rate, and so rates at about 60+ have it happen progressively more often. I don't know whether they need to reprogram how it starts, or if they're uncomfortable with adding new options.. but whatever the case, the slider is a new take on it.


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Apparently the hold duration is affected by attack speed and fps. Even without buffs, and with reasonable mods, at 60 fps, the duration can easily be as low as 0.1 - 0.15 seconds.

When you add a speed mote from Wisp things get just dumb.

This issue is well known, has large demand for change, is easy to fix, and has been ignored for one and a half months now.

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On 2020-01-05 at 4:09 AM, Asphyxxia said:

The problem I have with Heavy Attacks is that most weapons still have hold-to-heavy, single swords for example don't have it. Why hold is still an option when we have a dedicated heavy attack button now anyway?

This is correct. They need to place this code from swords to all melee types

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