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Favorite Warframe Concept so far (Sketch art)


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HALCYON, a unique warrior that uses beauty & aesthetic as a weapon. 
(amateur ol' sketch-art) 
“Halcyon, our vibrant defender. This warrior has the versatility to switch between offensive & defensive tactics at a moment’s notice.” - Lotus
Passive - Halcyon’s 14 powerful Gemstones grant her 2 alternative abilities: 

1). Gem-Armor: The stones provide an armor bonus to her. Every time her shields go down they glow brighter with energy. When she is downed, the gems release a short-range AoE, knocking down enemies—increases AoE distance with each shield drain. 

2). Gemstaff: Halcyon can sacrifice her armor bonus, equipping the stones as her signature (polearm style) melee weapon, the Gemstaff. This unique weapon can transform between different weapon styles mid-battle (slam attacks—hammer style. slide attacks—whip style. wall-latch attacks—dual sword style). Halcyon’s Gemstaff has its own customization & its own unique stance mod—utilizing the same combo inputs for each weapon, but with alternate combat styles. Holster the Gemstaff to return her armor bonus. 
(Cosmetic Uses: She has the option of 4 simultaneous energy colors, to give more variety to her cosmetic appearance. She also has various types of Gemstones, customizable for aesthetic value on the battlefield.) 


Health: 100 / 400
Shield: 100 / 350
Power: 130 / 225
Armor: 120 (650 @ full Gem Armor)
Sprint: 1.05 
1. Mist: Accuracy reduction

Halcyon expands her energy locs into a deep fog, following her around the battlefield. Enemy accuracy is gradually reduced while inside the Mist (Accuracy: 35% - 50% - 70% | affected by strength mods). Her movement speed affects its efficiency. Little to no movement allows it to spread further, while scaling its maximum accuracy affect. When modified to 100% accuracy reduction, enemies are helplessly vulnerable to Finishers. (Duration is energy based)


2. The Gemstaff: Halcyon sacrifices her Gem Armor, assembling the 14 of them into her legendary staff. If already equipped as her melee weapon, it channels the kinetic energy from each use to gradually improve energy efficiency on it’s 4 sub-abilities (Scaling Efficiency: 25 - 15 - 5 - 0 energy use). Each of the 4 abilities can be charged while moving/ aim-gliding for better targeting. Temporarily sacrifices her weapon options and resets energy efficiency after each use (roll/ bullet-jump to cancel): 

Beauty Mark — Like a javelin, she tosses & Impales an enemy with her staff, stunning them while absorbing their health for 3s. Lethal damage consumes & detonates the target in a firework of her energy. As a melee weapon, automatically returns as her Staff. Otherwise, it’ll return as Gem Armor, along with a portion of health. Allies in vicinity of the explosion benefit at 30% (The amount of health absorbed is relative to the strength of her enemy). Additionally, aiming Beauty Mark at a wall impales it like a zip-line, creating any tactical vantage point of her choosing. (Hold to deactivate)

Vault On its own, pole vaulting allows her to leap mid-distances for additional maneuverability. With precise aim, she can stagger airborne opponents with a mid-air kick. Landing upon a grounded foe knocks them down, opening them to Ground Finishers. 
Sentry Pierces her staff into the ground as an automatic defense system with short-range attacks. Every 10 seconds, it stuns ground-based enemies in its proximity. For airborne enemies, it dismantles itself gem by gem to target & disable their altitude (Energy costs per attack is also affected by Scaling Efficiency). Recast to reassemble her gems as the Staff/ Armor.
• Annihilator — Firing like a primary weapon, Halcyon aims her staff, channeling power from her shields into a continuous beam of ultraviolet energydamage & distance increases as shielding decreases. Annihilator has a chance of extended Burn damage—stacks with elemental mods if equipped as a melee weapon (Status Chance: 25% - 35% - 45% | affected by shield/ strength/ melee mods). 



3. Labyrinth: Activates her gems like a halo, orbiting around her (hold to cancel).

Via secondary toggle, strategically place each stone on any flat surface/ or bullet-jump to disperse them at random. Hold to deploy them as translucent energy barriers. Each wall can connect, only within a few feet of each other, to form a random & continuous pattern only her & allies can freely pass through. Enemies are forced to walk the energy maze—excellent for outmatching any outnumbered situation. Each wall has a base of 100 health. Additionally, the Labyrinth absorbs the damage from Halcyon’s kills to replenish itself. 

(14 gemstones = 14 walls) Each Wall sacrifices a small portion of her Gem Armor. Recast the Labyrinth to diminish them & reassemble her gems. 

4. The Sanctuary: Activation has two options.

While Labyrinth is active, casting Sanctuary grants the walls of the maze the same effect with 20% less efficiency. 

With her Gem Armor active, she violently expels her gemstones in a mid-range burst, seeking out & clinging to a max of 14 targets. Recast to magnetically attract Gem-afflicted enemies back to her—stationary in a damaging vacuum. Enemies killed by this process are crystallized into a small, yet impenetrable fortress around her. Halcyon must reach 100% damage for Sanctuary to build, it can be charged for as long as her energy allows.
Each enemy type killed from inside the Sanctuary charges a temporary buff effect: 
Robotic enemies increase armor rating (10% per kill | max of 300%). 
—Organic foes increase overall movement speed (decreases reload & holster while increasing sprint & ability casting) 
—Corrupted/ Sentient enemies increase the critical chance rates on weapons (3% per kill | max of 30%, stacks with weapon mods) 
Animal targets separately increase damage of all Companions (5% per kill | max of 40%, stacks with Companion mods) 
—Although abilities cannot be casted inside the Sanctuary, lethal damage done over time by an ability grants +1% to ability damage (Ex: Saryn’s Spores, casted while outside the Sanctuary, accumulate damage. Each kill, while inside the Sanctuary, charges +1% damage for the buff’s duration | max at 30% ability damage).
Only when leaving the Sanctuary does it grant the bonuses they’ve collected. If Halcyon leaves it, she has the same buff duration to return to the Sanctuary before it dissipates without her. 
Halcyon & her Sanctuary are linked as one; although it slightly replenishes health over time, Halcyon suffers small health damage in place of it (Health loss by Rank: 15% - 10% - 5% | unaffected by mods).
Its smaller size also means her & her squad can only utilize Sanctuary while crouching & only allows damage from projectile weapons—while inside, crouching would automatically lock in place, so it wouldn't need to be held.
If Halcyon takes lethal damage within the Sanctuary, it sacrifices itself instead, bestowing any of the buffs accumulated to her & her allies. Protect the Sanctuary & it will protect you. 
(Buff Duration: 8 - 12 - 15s | affected by duration mods) 


“Beauty is pain, Tenno. Once thought to be vanquished, Halcyon has proven to be a true vanguard of daunting grace & beautiful destruction. We shall never doubt her again.” - Lotus
note: I've been working on her a lot recently, and finally think I got her gameplay down. I usually don't include damage ratings in my concepts since the devs tweak those things all the time anyway.
thanks for reading!
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