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Lack of game relevant abstractions


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I've been seeing a variety of issues which might have to do with caching, might have to do with building a different code base for each mission, etc.

But I think one common thread through all of these is that some "gameplay abstractions" that players think exist were not understandable to/understood by some of the developers.

Specifically, today:


In kuva lich exterminate missions, on a rescue map, we get a specter reward.



I think that this means that the reward is tied to that map, rather than to that mission type. And, I think that *that* means that developers need to have a gradually expanding checklist of issues to run through, when building new maps, new mission types, new ... stuff.

(And, yes, this abstraction could instead be built into the code, but evidence is that it hasn't been. Not yet. Probably for "efficiency" reasons.


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