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How to fix Grind/RNG/Fun & Challenge of Railjack ? Some ideas


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1 . Add mission challenges

At the start of a skirmish one random and optional challenge is added (kind of like bounty challenges in Open worlds).

Upon completion of the challenge, at the end of the mission, all players are granted ONE wreckage of shield (33%) Or reactor (33%) OR engine (33%) OR a rush repair drone (1%)

Challenge exemples (scaling with mission level) :

Rusher : Finish the mission in less than 20' / 15' / 10'
BattleHorse : Destroy 10 / 30 / 50 fighters with railjack's weapons and abilities
Tenngel : Destroy 10 / 30 / 50 fighters with archwing's weapons and abilites
Crewship hunter : Destroy 1 / 2 / 3 crewships with the Forward Artillery
B team first : Complete all side objectives before all fighters or any crewship
Firefighter : Suffer less than 200 / 100 / 50 dmg from fire hazards
Hijacker : Take control of 1 / 2 / 3 crewships during the mission and destroy at least one fighter with each
Impenetrable : Suffer no more than 3 / 2 / 1 castastrophic failure
Quickthinker : Repair any hazard within 1'30 / 1' / 30sec after it's apparition
Second option : destroy 5 / 10 / 15 fighters with the railjack's ordnance
Down to earth : Kill 10 / 20 / 40 ground ennemies
Evader : Evade 5 / 15 / 30 incoming missiles with the railjack

And so on

--> less repetetivity, optional and rewarding challenge, solo friendly, incentives to use all railjacks mechanics. 

--> Gives a way to farm repaire rush drones, no more insane grind for reactor, shields and engines

2 . Wreackage merging

We can all agree that farming for the perfect weapon or reactor roll is a ***** in the  *** (Farmed 100 hours to get an almost all around perfectly rolled railjack for every part).

I propose a mechanic to merge two same wreackage (type, Mk and House). It consumes both and creates another one with improved roll (better than the best of the two).

e.g : Vidar reactor MK III  +50 avionic cap +50 flux     &     Vidar reactor MK III  +65 avionic cap +35 flux       &      XXX Dirac     ===      Vidar reactor MK III  +75 avionic cap +60 flux

As you can imagine there are a lot of things to talk about such system. Built or not wreackage ? Why did I add dirac as currency ? What happens to invested ressources ?

Built or not wreackage and invested ressources: 
Using two built wreackage would refund ressources used for one of the two.
Using one built wreackage and one not would add to the merge cost half the ressources to build the unbuild one.
Using two unbuilt wreackages would not refund or cost anything more.

Using Dirac as a currency for this mechanic :
Soon enough, everybody will see that you get wayyy too much dirac in railjack. Once you upgrade your grid and avionics to max level you'll shortly seat (as me) on thousands of dirac... So using it this way will keep the value of this ressource for a very long time and make it usefull (also improves the value of dirac reward at the end of a mission).

--> Gives a managable way to improve constantly your railjack without revolving only on RNG, gives another use to Dirac


3 . Hijacking rework

Crewships are useless, prove me wrong. BUT, this hijack mechanic could be much more fun if :
- Killing all enemies inside a crewship brings out a captain (as the one on the asteroids bases) and killing him changes the state of the ship to destroyed (helping completion of the mission objectives)
- Damage ouput of captured crewship is Greatly Improved against fighters BUT ammunitions are limited (so that you'll eventually leave the crewship once depleted)
- Ennemy crewships send boarding parties inside captured ones to either capture it back (if no tenno aboard) or destroy the reactor (if tenno still inside)

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Best way to combat RNG would be for DE employees to have their Salary affected by RNG. Sorry Sheldon, you only rolled a 10k this year. Better luck next year!


*EDIT* I know it's a mean post but I do feel like DE has been mean with their implementation of RNG. If you work at DE and you're reading my post, I'm just being cheeky.

Edited by Skaleek
Too mean.
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