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Empyrean: restock ammo/energy in the railjack


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The railjack sometimes needs to act like a kind of forward base.

There should be some way to restock ammo and energy, maybe at the armoury between the gunnery stations.

This means that you can always restock by returning to the railjack, but also defence teams will never run out of ammo.

I think this is fine: you're defending a ship, that means you can have a whole crate of ammo instead of just what you can carry on away missions.

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It'd be nice to have those health and energy orb dispensers on the ship (not with no cooldown like the Simulacrum, but more like those in arena missions) especially for use with mods like Health Conversion and Energy Conversion. Other mission types you can get into a rhythm with the use of these mods. In railjack there is insufficient sustained ground combat to do so. Any frame that requires building up is at a disadvantage (also because switching between frame and archwing removes many buffs).

On squishy frames, what options do they have? Can't sustain Adaptation stacks. Can't sustain Arcane Guardian. Can't sustain Health Conversion. Can't sustain energy for builds that depend on energy orbs (forced to use Zen or pizzas, I guess?). Can't sustain buffs through archwing. Can't sustain CC. The gameplay is bursty and some frames it's more difficult to find such builds for them than others, which at the very least severely restricts how you build and play them.

On the other hand, if this is meant to be the case, then some frames will need a rework to be more viable in Railjack. Normally I wouldn't suggest that all frames must be effective in a game mode, but it appears that Railjack is intended to be a foundation for a whole bunch of things and not just another standalone mission type.

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1 hour ago, SpicyDinosaur said:

who uses guns when you run out of ammo. Use melee. Use melee before you run out of ammo. 


If you are really deadset on using ammo pop an ammo restore pizza

Yes you can do all that, but then you also have this massive spaceship that's bigger on the inside than the outside, it would be cool (not necessary, just helpful and fun) for it to have some utility for away teams as when as the ship-to-ship fighting.

1 hour ago, schilds said:

Any frame that requires building up is at a disadvantage (also because switching between frame and archwing removes many buffs)

Yes, that's a problem too. Buffs shouldn't reset or carry in the current buggy ways (like Wisp's motes will continue onto your Amesha but Amesha's swarm will disappear and need to be recast). Instead they should just hold when you switch modes and resume when you switch back with the same time left.


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