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So, when can we use the Railjack in the Plains to destroy the damn Ghouls?


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Having this mobile platform just raining justice death from above... or bellow. Because I'm sure someone will find a way to make it get into the ground.

Maybe get us to use it against the GLISTENING MAGNIFICENCE! And see if Hek notices if get more than angry.

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That'd be a nice way to connect it to the rest of the game. Sadly enough one of the biggest gripes I have with Warframe is how every new system that is slightly different from the core experience tends to just be treated as a separate sub-game of it's own, rather than an actual addition fully integrated with the Warframe experience.

I understand why, but it still saddens me... 😞 

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at least the Railjack won't get shot down by Vruush Turrets as easily as Archwings do. would be pretty sweet to carpet bomb a Grineer camp.

Konzu: "so you bombed the whole camp?

Tenno: "yes"

Konzu: "even though I told you to capture the commander alive?"

Tenno: "yes".

Konzu: and that's why the Plains are on fire?

Tenno: "maybe..."

Konzu: "did you at least bring me lunch?"

Tenno: "yes."

Konzu: "well you know what that means"

Tenno "please don't say it"

Konzu; "EARLY LUNCH FOR KONZU!... and here's 15 Iradite for your troubles."

Tenno: "sigh... what would happen if you couldn't get an early lunch?"

Konzu: "have you ever seen John Wick?"

Tenno: O_O




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