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Enemy AI and difficulty


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So one thing i hear a lot is that warframe isn't difficult, just grind-heavy. Which is cool ... Until you're out of stuff to grind for, at which point those veteran players move on to another game.

What i wish is that, quite simply, the higher level the enemy the more complex their movements. Lets say, for every class of enemy within a faction, there are tiers of movesets - the 1-20 tier, which is where the game is at right now. Then the 21-40 tier, which would involve movements like we see from the runners and the enemies in the Index. Then the 41-60 tier, which would add leap slams (like the 1 enemy on PoE - Reavers, iirc?), and more erratic movements for airborne enemies (right now these airborne enemies have a side strafe, but dont have an up-down strafing movement), and from 61+, DE can just throw the book at us with whatever they can think of.

This adds replayability to higher level missions. It makes doing long arbitrations a true achievement, it adds some needed difficulty in Railjack missions for away teams, it makes sorties an actual challenge instead of a 20-30m grind ... The list goes on. By taking an update to just focus on enemy difficulty as a part of the level scaling, i think much of the issue around plays retention would be addressed. I know i would play more warframe if i had challenging opponents to fact, instead of being presented with the same boring grind.

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Okay, but only if they become ability immune/resistant.  Why?  Ask yourself this one simple question:  What would you do as an Elite Lancer going up against an Saryn, Nova, Limbo, Chroma, Rhino, Excalibur and/or Ember Prime, to name a few?

Until we can agree DE needs to reign in total domination abilities that all too often ignore cover (so even that basic tactic is null) or render negligible incoming damage, adding more tricks and more brains to the enemy isn't really going to accomplish anything unless the players can control themselves long enough to let the enemy do something.

No matter what brilliant idea anyone comes up with, it always comes back to AoE spam or near immortality mucking everything up.  The name of the META game is to make the enemy's presence irrelevant for far too many people for DE to offer anything challenging without basically disabling our abilities.

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De could learn a lot from halo firefight (reach edition the 343 looks good but plays like crap).

Armor that falls off piece by piece with damage. Create that candy crush type addiction. 

Add in true inertial damage so characters can attain slam, fall and throw damage. Sorely missing 

Send enemies out in different squad configurations. Let's use the bestiary to better effect?

Add different ways to cut enemies to pieces. Instead of the same canned destruction for all. Get very weapon specific!  

Honestly though, DE could solve pvp if they can implement ways fight with your powers like tit for tat kungfu(marvel's capcom) !? Right now Aoe attacks and the lack of proper defining parameters make it a beast uncontrollable.

At last if no one at DE knows how to extract fun out of simplicity....call/tweet/DM/Instagram/ Facebook myiamoto???

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