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Can we get a cover system and altercations to ai based upon it?


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I played Dark Sector. Interesting how similar it felt to warframe but also, cover system yo.

Was thinking that what if warframe had an adjusted cover/quick cover automation system at the press of the roll button. You could latch onto walls and in cover you get 2 buffs. 

Buff 1: damage taken reduced by 25% in cover

Buff 2: enemies accuracy to hit you reduced 35% in cover.

Most enemies in warframe simply walk forward and die, thats their ai.

Infested stay the same, but maybe if we take cover all the enemies would to, instead of just charging in kamikaze style. 

Its not much more than an additional Quality of life thing to think on, but it would be cool to use cover to suppress damage if only slightly. 


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DE has been asked that many times over the years, and they always said "No.", because they want to slow down the gameplay speed. This is probably also why stealth has never been further developed.

I'm not against the idea of increasing the TTK of enemies in general, but DE has taken a clear stance against it. Faster kills, more kills, less tactics - that seems to be the way forward.

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I don't think a player rolling system would fix Warframe's AI. They'd walk mindlessly towards you anyway. Warframe's AI doesn't need to be marvellous. It doesn't even need to be GOOD. But enemies do need to be able to do more than walk forward, stand in place and shoot if they can't pathfind to the player, or randomly (and it seems completely random) hide behind cover themselves. Like actually having ranges of engagement, both minimum and maximum, to both prevent enemies from dogpiling you quite so often or trying to snipe you with a shotgun. Yes, they do both these things.


Besides, for a game as fast-paced and movement-oriented as Warframe, the 'Halo system' (AKA just running behind a wall or tall structure) works better. It doesn't interrupt game flow as much - Warframe's a very free-flowing game, having a rigid 'snap to cover' would just feel weird and off in my opinion.

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