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New Warframe Idea Please Consider!


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I Know this isn't the best place to suggest such a thing.


Anyways! I'd love to see a Infested warframe, One that has a backstory of being awoken with infested cells that fuzed his powers.


Power 1 being Healing Aura like the infested healing ancient gives a few bursts of healing within a distance,


Skill 2 Like the meelee Ancient give it an attack Booster Or like extend one of the arms and make it punch through everything infront of it.


Skill 3 Open for ideas or something similar to the kamikaze infested make the warframe expend its current shields and do 3x shield damage in an explosion radious (thus giving it intense damage potential at a risky price).


and make its final skill 4 its back story of pre infested it was a laser tenno make its enormous Left arm thats currently infested flip up or out of its chest do a super Blaster thats has a 2 second channel but INTENSE damage output.


Excuse the grammer and in no way a proper structured paragraph above, Was merely an idea/ramble.


Other Idea's include switching skill 4 for 3 and 3 for 2 and making skill 4 a super mutation that drains Energy at a rate an makes go super hulk mode for intense meelee damage and Great tanking potential, This skill can be toggled off but has a cooldown after toggle or skill off of 20 to 30 seconds...... (obviously cant just keep getting energy and staying a super hulk monster.....Or Maybe......) lol

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there is a possibility in that the technocyte virus is mutating and that warframe has a strain different from standard tenno and infested this could be a viable answer to a "virus" type tenno

I love your thinking, This Warframe idea could help understand the differences between the 2 but also showing that the same if coexist within a tenno ;) Maybe even make the 3rd skill the laserbeam and ultimate Goes into a Super Beast Hulk Infested mode for a period of time till the energy is drained or shut off. lol

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