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New week's Profit Taker overwrites Recovered, does not award standing


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So this week's Nightwave (by my count, Week 12 of Intermission 2, starting on January 5th) had as "Kill Profit Taker" as one of its Elite Challenges. When the week rolled over while I was still logged in, it even showed "recovered" on it despite not being able to have any recovered missions - however, on logging in again this disappeared and it appeared normally. Before doing the mission, I was Prestige 20 with 1000 standing for that rank. After doing the mission, I was Prestige 20 with 8000 standing and NO recovered missions. Relogging did not resolve the issue.

Edit: Clarifying -- Prior to this week, I had "Kill Profit Taker" as a recovered mission. Because frankly who wants to do that fight? 😛 But I couldn't resist the urge to find out what happened when it came back this week. Guess I did.

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