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Ideas For A Better Mod System?


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So I've posted around on the wiki about how the current mod system (as of U10) is difficult for me to work with, however these posts have largely gone unnoticed and it makes me wonder if I'm the only one having trouble with this subject. I like the idea of being able to use one mod for several of my weapons and I think this was meant to decrease mod clutter, however if I have my Paris with a level 5 serration mod and my Boltor with only enough mod points left for a level 4 serration, I now need two of the same mods but with different levels. I have this problem with several weapons and it gets confusing or "cluttered" again...Also the serration mods being used on my sentinels are still displayed in my rifle mods tab further adding to the clutter. I have some ideas on how to fix these issues however-


-Add a function that lets the player select what fusion rank he/she wants to use with the weapon that's being modded at the time.    ex: i max out my serration mod and equip it to my paris, then it automatically fits the highest rank it can on that weapon allowing me to click the fifth white bar (the bars that represent fusion rank) on the mod. then i head over to my Boltor and put my maxed out serration mod in place and it detects the amount of mod points available and fits accordingly.


-To fix the mods that are on my sentinel showing up in the rifle tab, I would suggest simply moving mods to the sentinel tab as they are placed on our sentinel weapons.


I would appreciate any other ideas anyone has on this subject and urge others to post any of their mod troubles as well. Constructive criticism is always welcome :)

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