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Munitions Vortex solo strategies?



Finally manged to get Munitions Vortex to drop, and I'm ATM testing it to see how it would work best.

So far, I'm basically just deploying it nearby a group of enemies, shooting it with my cryophon or tycon seeker missiles, and blowing it I think it has enough damage accumulated. Move to next group, rinse and repeat.

As for crew ships, I'm basically ignoring them with no issues. I quickly finish the 90 ships and do the crew ships afterwords one by one. Healing bubbles haven't been an issue as well, I'm just ignoring them.

I'm wondering, people using Munitions Vortex solo, what is your strategy/build? Anything you would recommend?

I'm using this primarily to farm Giant Point hoping for a better reactor to drop.

( yes, this works way better with a squad, but I want to have a solo build/strategy in place so I don't have to rely on randoms )

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use the maneuverability that the Ship offers you, there's not a whole lot to it.

you could try to lure Enemies to follow you so that they group up more, depending on if Spawns co-operate with such a strategy.
(or drag them into a Black Hole and fire a Missile)

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