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More status changes


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With heat being buffed reasonably, I think it's time we take a look at the objectively worst three status effects and how we can fix them. Cold, Magnetic, and Impact.

Cold: Reduce the slow to 10%, but each subsequent proc increases it up to 50%
Once 50% slow has been achieved after 5 procs, enemies get a frosty effect on them and now receive increased impact, blast, and headshot damage.

Magnetic: Silence enemy abilities. Combus and scrambus no longer scramble you. If you hit the nullifier crewman his nullifier turns off. Frost and Heat eximus no longer have their orb and heat blast respectively.

Impact: If you implement the cold change I don't think impact would need MUCH of a buff, but I was thinking maybe it could disorient enemies and make them have lower accuracy for a few seconds or so.


Thoughts on these?

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