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Boss level scaling?



How long has the game been scaling boss levels?  I don't remember seeing anything about this in any recent patch notes, and I could have sworn they used to have fixed levels.

I was running Fossa for the fun of it recently and wound up in a full squad.  I'm MR25 and the others were MR2, 1, 1.  It was my intention to just sap off the Jackal's shields and let the others deal with actually killing him.  It was really slow going.  At first I was thinking they just had really poorly modded weapons.  When the Jackal was down around 1/4 health I finally noticed that he was level 40.  I later ran the mission again solo and the Jackal's level seemed to vary from 30-40 depending upon how many weapons I had equipped.

I later tried fighting the Jackal with an MR0 character and the Jackal was spawning as level 13-16.

Captain Vor on Mercury was exhibiting similar level scaling behavior.

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I just went to check, it was lv30(I had only one weapon lv0 the other two were max) it's still no challenge, but I never paid any attention.
Does it depend on the host or what?
I don't recall when fighting it as a new tenno to be lv30.
I checked wiki and there was only a level scaling toggle that was max lv170.
Do any of you know how to spawn him at that level?

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