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Current bugs associated with Plains Of Eidolon


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I'll give some feedback on the POE-related bugs in the current version.

About AMP:  Well, the two main scaffolds used in Eidolon Hunt have bugs that haven't been fixed for a long time.

1.Shraksun Scaffold

Usually, when we insert the Eidolon Shards, Gantulyst or Hydrolyst will appear, and then we need to shoot them with AMP. But if you're using an AMP with the Shraksun scaffold, your single shot will only do one damage to Gantu or Hydro in the water. But AMP components like the Shraksun scaffold should do multiple damage per shot. The bug appeared around last October and has not been fixed. This bug has seriously damaged the experience of players using Shraksun scaffold for Eidolon Hunt.

In addition, if you combine Lega Prism with the Shraksun scaffold, the secondary fire damage is lower than normal.

2.Propa Scaffold

One of the most widely and maliciously exploited bugs on Propa scaffold has been around for about a year. When the explosives projected by the Propa Scaffold explode, if the player is in their warfrmae, one shot will have two hits. This is very undeserved. To be more specific, the two separate hit decisions have separate critical hit decisions, meaning that the bug allows some players to easily break Eidolon's shields. To make matters worse, some players trumpeted the bug, saying it was ok for players to take advantage of it. This caused many players to face Eidolon Hunt in a passive and lazy manner, leaving the task of break shields to one player. I think this is very, very unfair for players who want to play seriously, and I hope DE will deal with this bug as soon as possible.

About timers:

Generally, the game's timer starts when the player enters the quest. In the past, at the Plains of Eidolon, when the player (or host) enters the Plains, the timer will start recording the time. But at present, whenever the host loads out from Plains of Eidolon and returns to Cetus, the timer will time the next load in ahead of time. In other words, the time players see at Plains is not the real time. This may not sound like much, but for players who play Speed runs or 6x3, it can interfere with timing and Speed.

About Hitbox:

When the Eidolon rises through the water, players cannot use projectiles to destroy its Synovia. Typical examples are Lanka and Catchmoon. This bug has been around for a long time and I hope it will be fixed soon.


1.Every time the Eidolon Synovia is broken, there will be a left and right slide as the Eidolon falls from the non-host player's perspective.

2.Void Strike's bonus will no longer work when a player USES Raplak Prism to shoot near obstacles such as trees.


Although Plains of Eidolon is not the focus of the game at the moment, quite a few players stayed because of Eidolon Hunt. Hopefully DE will take this seriously and fix these bugs as soon as possible.

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