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How To Improve Recruiting Chat.


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I'm sure we've all seen and used the Recuiting chat by this point. Whether you're hosting a match, looking for one or just looking to find a clan without going to the forums, Recruiting chat is the place to go. 

But I believe that there is still a lot of room for improvement in how people find matches and get players to join their own matches.

I'll list every problem I've found and then propose a universal solution at the end, so here are the current issues:


1) If you've spent even 5 seconds in Recruiting chat I'm sure you have seen people saying "LFT3 PLZ INVITE" or something of that sort. Not only is it obnoxious and kind of annoying, but it can cause the chat to go by too quickly when you're trying to read someone else's name or message.  


2) Since people go to the Recruiting chat to find Void and Derelict missions, whenever someone says "I have _ slots left for _______" you usually see a bunch of people saying "Me please" without specifying who they are replying to, making it hard to tell who's trying to join which game. I can't even count how many times myself and another person have said "I have _ slots left for _______" at the same time and then see about 10 people respond with "ME" instead of saying the persons name or sending them a message via whisper. 


3) People like to put Clan recruitment messages up in Recruiting chat, but these messages are almost always more than 3 lines long, which adds to the problem of the chat moving my too quickly. Not to mention the fact that you can't really go into much detail while still expecting people to read the entire thing before it scrolls off screen. 


So here's my solution: Instead of having a normal chat box for Recruiting, structure it somewhat like the forums, where there are separate sections and topics. You can have one page specifically for finding a Capture match, one for Survival, one for Clan recruitment, etc. That way when I need people to join my T3 Defense match, I can put out a message on the page that is only used for defense. I also recommend adding some sort of Que for people who are looking to join a specific mission type/tier. If I wanted to join a T3 Cap I could simply go to the T3 Cap Que and click a button that says "Enter Que". That way when someone needs help with their mission, they can click another button that says "Invite First 3 from Que", and the game would automatically send invites to the next 3 players in line as long as they haven't already joined another lobby. 


I think that these changes could really improve the Recruitment system and streamline the process of getting players to join your match. What do you think?

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In my region, people don't even use the thing. They spam the Region chat. I've basically stopped using all forms of the public chat now. 

I was looking for some people to run a Derelict Assassinate with, and I posted in Recruiting. Nothing. Dead silent.

I did the same thing in Region, and there were people jumping for it. 


Structuring chat in the way you propose would be good, I think. If it helps alleviate the current problems. 
Although I feel that some people would simply disregard it and continue to spam Region.

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