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Super Strength Warframe Idea


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We need a warframe based on the art of fighting like Wrestling with super strength.


Ideal name: Brawler or Hercule


This warframe is based on super strength and the ability to fight multiple enemies with his bare hands.


Skill #1 Throwing(25 energy): Pick up a light enemy and throw that enemy into a group of enemies knocking a bunch of enemies down like a domino effect in a line. Like "Pull", doesn't work against Bosses.


Skill #2 Super Strength(50 energy): Kind of like Contagion. Increase Melee damage by 200% and the ability to ragdoll any enemies with any melee weapons(make them fly). Has a limited duration of maximum 16 second, this means 4 second each rank.


Skill #3 Power Slam(75 energy): When activated it acts like Rhino skin, permenant until used. The next Jump attack increase AOE range and damage as well as knock down for any melee weapons. Example: Weapons like daggers, no knockdown effect, gets an AOE knockdown effect.


Skill #4 Tornado Swing(100 energy): Picks up a Heavy or Light enemy(the heavier the enemy the stronger the damage becomes). Grappling the enemy legs swinging them in circles 3 times(max rank) and throw them into a group of enemies(same effect as "Power Throw" but, way more damage). When you are swinging an enemy in circles any enemies around you(infested at most) will get hit 3 times(if swung 3 times). This means it should stack damage.


For example: 500 damage(one swing onto 1 enemy) + 500 damage(second hit doing circle) + 500 damage(last swing) = 1500 damage.


Bosses would have a lot less throwing range.

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Fan Concepts would be the correct place for this.


The actual 'Frame sounds interesting, but that 4 skill....It sounds too...I don't know, just gimmicky? No that's not the right word. 

Well, they already added Parry mods... I mean Ash last skill has a lot of animations. I don't see why they can't added an y more animations.

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