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Mutalist Cernos Bug - Infinite smoke buildup and lag


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The mutalist cernos has some very nice effects including smoke and particles.
But, these particles seem to stack each time a fully drawn projectile is fired.

This means that, in normal gameplay of firing the bow for hundreds and hundreds of times, you will continually build up these particles until you start to lag.

While the video clip below is tested in simulacrum, the bug persists and was originally noted in a orokin arbitration survival.


It seems each fully drawn projectile from the mutalist cernos adds smoke effects to the arrow itself. Non-fully drawn projectiles do not add that smoke. Firing hundreds of fully drawn projectiles in a single mission will result in a blanket of smoke covering your whole screen and lag to boot. The base mutalist cernos has 0 effects of smoke following it around, and firing less than fully drawn arrows will not change that, but as soon as a fully drawn arrow is fired, the smoke begins to build up.


While the effects certainly are very nice looking, when I was using the bow in a survival it became laggy around 30 minutes, putting my framerate down to 15 at times. As there was a trail of smoke following me around with or without the bow equipped, this problem got worse and worse each time the bow was fired.

At first I thought this was a bug with my computer or my skin or my riven. Unequipping any appearance options including arrow along with creating a 0 mod build still did not fix anything. I did not test this with any other frame than saryn. The bug still persisted on another computer I was using to play the game and test the bow.



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