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I Already Forma'd My Embolist Thrice, Do I Add A Tater On Top?



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Why in the embolist? Acrid beats in it everything. EVERYTHING.


Not true.


The Embolist does an excellent job of clearing out large mobs in close proximity, although the Ignis does that job better, albeit slightly weaker against heavy units.

The Acrid is more of a singletarget dps weapon. Not exactly the most ideal mobbing weapon.


Well, I personally like to run around with both an Ignis AND an Acrid, although using an Embolist frees you up to use a Soma as a better all-purpose primary weapon (or something fun like the snipers), assuming you have the finesse to pull off Embolist positioning.

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The Embolist is stronger than people give it credit for, even without accounting the ragdoll combo.


The only reason I haven't thrown a tater at it yet is that I have only one tater but I kinda want to potatoe all the new clan tech stuff, or maybe my Lanka. 


Not touching the Soma. 

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