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Hydroid: A Reordering and Rework on His Abilities


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Hydroid was referred to by Rahetalius recently as needing a rework. At the time I was surprised, I thought he was in a good state at the moment, but it got me thinking. So here's a potential reworked Hydroid concept.

Passive: Circulation


Can we not just dispense with Deep Tendril? Hydroid is supposed to be a tank apparently, let's give him a tank effect. A simple one might be to have reduced status effect timers on account of Hydroid's fluid nature allowing him to dispense with toxins or reseal cuts on his body faster. It's a fairly simple one, let's run with it. 

Alternatively, and this is something I proposed on another Warframe concept I believe. A potential for hydroid to recover some lost health provided he takes no dapage for a period. This would again be in line with the transformative ability to turn into water and poay out somewhat like Tahm Kench's grey health in League of Legends.

1: Water Bullet (sue me, he's an actual water ninja, Krigakure ftw)


A retweaked version of Tempest Barrage's water bullets with a horizontal trajectory. Hold the ability to condense water from the air into a ball of water in front of Hydroid, held much like Vauban's Tesla works right now. Release the ability to throw the projectle at enemies, knocking them down with Impact damage and radius affected by the held duration. It's not an exciting ability but its a decent enough first ability that Hydroid players would use it when they needed to and the knockdown effect would be advantageous at all levels of the game. 

I also considered a water whip or even a water shield might also be interesting alternatives or secondary abilities within the first ability as it is ultimately hydrokinesis, you could go wild with it, but the idea of just a projectile was sufficient in my opinion here.

2: Water Form


A combination of Tidal Surge and Undertow. Considering they are ultimately separate effects of the same transformative ability merging these two was just common sense. Hold the ability to enter puddle form and tap to enter tidal surge.

Eating enemies with puddle was entertaining but isn't exactly an engaging mechanic. I opt for the puddle form to lose that damaging ability but gain additional movement speed (something slower to normal running speed) and reduced energy drain instead. It now effectively becomes a stealth ability which hydroid players might be aware is an often underused aspect of puddle.

3: Storm Front/Rain Dance (sue me)


The ability is similar to Tempest Barrage but is alot simpler albeit also much more powerful in my opinion. A cast on self producing rain in a radius around where hydroid cast the ability. The ability no longer uses bursts of cannon-like water explosions but we get heavy rainfall instead. Enemies entering the rainfall are dealt corrosive damage and receive a reduction to accuracy and vision range. Hydroid on the other hand will receive healing and buffs to movement speed and his abilities, essentially making him much tankier while inside the storm's radius which makes a huge amount of sense.

Buffs might include:

Faster charge on the 1 or no longer needing to charge to hit with maximum effectiveness.

Wider puddle radius and movement speed and Tidal surge radius of effect. Perhaps the healing mechanic only takes effect while hydroid in in his puddle form and better able to absorb the water.

Faster hitting kraken or tougher tentacles (longer invincibility timers and longer tentacles with harder hits).

4: Tentacle Swarm


Let's not simply remove the Kraken, it's a good idea albeit one that is poorly implemented. Kraken's tentacles should be able to withdraw and reemerge to attack new enemies if other enemies are not nearby. I would like to see the Kraken's damage and the number of tentacles increase when cast within the radius of Rainfall.

However! Now Each individual Tentacle is going to be given health with a short invincibility duration on emerging (say 3 seconds affected by duration). Enemies would attack tentacles when they spawn to release their comrades. This is something of a double edged sword for the player as it would simultaneously act as additional crowd control with tentacles constantly dying and respawning to distract enemies while also dealing reduced damage.

There is also a chance now that tentacles will withddraw given enough time holding a particular enemy, pulling a particularly durable enemy into the kraken's maw where they are eaten and dealt percent damage akin to being pulled into the old hydroid puddle centred on wherever the Kraken's head spawns on the floor.

As its highly unlikely that Deep Tendril would be entirely dispensed with if it survived the first rework it should be made a part of this ultimate ability, spawning multiple additional tendrils around a radius where Hydroid performs slam attacks but within the Kraken's effective radius, like he is genuinely directing the summoned Kraken's attacks.


This was just a few random thoughts I've had over the last few days. I'm pretty sure I proposed some of these ideas back when he was "reworked" last time.

Edited by (PS4)CrysJaL
added some more details and thoughts. Fixed a couple of spelling errors.
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