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Losing Completed/Levelled Weapons in Profile


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Weapons you've fully levelled show as completed in your profile yet over the last 6 months to a year I've been having to re-level multiple things for no reason at all.

I have a list of everything I need to level and what parts I need for them (I need 2 gauntlets to build and level the Venka Prime for example) but despite having levelled things such as the Adarza Kavat I apparently need to do them again.
I've had to do this with a lot of the Zaws too which was an absolute pain in the arse and I'm dreading the day this happens with one of the Kuva weapons as that's not only a bunch of Lich poop I need to deal with but the quite stupid amount of forma I'd need too.

I shouldn't need to fear having to redo equipment I didn't like the first time around yet I apparently do.

I'm not doing that stupid cat again. Scanning the rabid kavats is annoying the first time around without the added annoyance of knowing you've already levelled the damn thing. Not only that but I'm sure I got imprints from my friends to guarantee that I'd get the cat I need to level as it was the only companion I had left to do.

I mentioned this issue here and I'll reiterate that it's not just me; some of my friends have noticed that they too have items they've levelled suddenly have 0 progress in their profile.


Still nothing at all really regarding the other issues in that post either which sucks so I posted there again tat at least some of the issues persist.

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More info & reference to previous ticket.
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