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A thought on making Arbitration mildly more random.


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Instead of 300 strength to frame and 300 damage to weapon, well, honestly i don't have a suggestion on weapon, but for frame make it "+300% to highest modifier....

For instance if you have built for duration, you get 300 extra duration, you build for range, 300 extra range..... Sure you can argue that might make somethings op but as a heavy wisp player, +300 power to wisp means you quick arbitration because you got bored rather than because your team wiped. To quote someone from the other night "JEEBUS MY GRAM PRIME FEELS LIKE A WIFFLE BALL BAT AND NOTHING IS EVEN SCRATCHING MY HEALTH!" an hour later "okay, seriously, i got things to do and this is getting boring..." Just saying, modifying the top stat instead of only power strength means you have some variety to the experience...

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