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*Updated* Lich Gradivus Mission Doesn't Count as Sabotage +1 Other Bug


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I made a post before regarding this mission's improper designation. It's still broken but that's not the point of this post. Not only is this not listed correctly, it doesn't even count as a Sabotage mission for Nightwave. I can tell because I found all 3 caches and it didn't count.

Even worse, the lich can steal your caches and they will not all be returned upon their death. The lich stole all 3 caches, 2x endo and 1x credits. I only got the credits back and I think I lost the 400 endo from the 2 caches(250 and 150) unless it's just a UI bug. I have no way to track that unfortunately. I just know the returns were only 30 endo total.

Even if the endo was returned, the mission is still glitched for Nightwave.


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On 2020-01-08 at 8:32 PM, parabashka said:

LIch doesn't return Endo if he steals it from caches or as reward for spy mission. I made a post about this with proofpics in russian thread a long time ago.

I just killed another Lich and can absolutely confirm this. I did the Sabotage caches for the Nightwave challenge (and I want Xiphos parts). The only cache that was returned was the credits.

So, if you are doing caches in a Lich sector, they will steal it and you won't get it back. Again, this might just be a UI but but it's hard to confirm trivial amounts of Endo from mission to mission.

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