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Clan contribution issues


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Hello together,

our Clan has issues with contributing to some of the items in our labs (see attached video).
We still can start new projects (We started the Gunsen 1h before making the video and the veldt we just started the research to show in the video).

The research for e.g. the Tenora, the Archwing Launcher Segment or the Wukong were probably started a long time ago (roughly about 2 years). As u can see in the video we can't contribute to these projects and have these issues in our others labs too.

We already destroyed the lab and rebuilded it but it didn't change anything. We are a bit desperated now because we don't want to create a new clan but the Archwing Launcher and the Wukong are pretty essential for the game.

Vimeo Link

Kind Regards


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